Why Creating Wealth & Independence Is Essential Today (Before It’s Too Late)

I’m all about preparing for and creating a life of wealth and independence – not just in terms of finances, but in every regard: physical wealth, mental wealth, relationship wealth…

Achieving wealth in all areas of your life gives you freedom, independence, confidence, happiness, your health, peace of mind… so many things!

When you’re in control of your health, your finances, your safety and security, your home, your food, your energy, your relationships, your life – the world is a great place!

However, in the world we live, I’ve come to realize that one area of life has the biggest impact on all the others, and that’s finances.

You can’t have real independence in your life without first having control over your finances, without having financial independence.

Because if you’re stressed about paying the bills, you will be severely limited in being able to do anything else, which will only make you more stressed…

So it’s most important to start there. (If you need some tips or strategies to help you change your bad financial habits or just want to know where to begin, click on the CREATING WEALTH tab near the top of the page or enter your information in the form on the top right or bottom of the page to get access to my secrets for creating wealth.)

to look ahead Why Creating Wealth & Independence Is Essential Today (Before Its Too Late)When you do that – have your finances sorted – you’ll be able to lift your head and look forward, to look ahead and see what obstacles lie before us on the horizon so that you can adjust your plans accordingly and not just react to situations, heading straight into them without even realizing it until it’s too late (which unfortunately the masses will do).

You’ll be able to take corrective action and turn out of harms way. You’ll be able to take precautions and make simple preparations so that you can avoid what today might be a slight inconvenience but without preparation or the right plans could turn into a massive disruption down the line (especially if you haven’t gotten your finances under control).

For example, you’ll be able to avoid having to rely on the corrupt banking system, the “just in time” distribution system, the “aging and outdated” energy grid and system, the unsustainable food system (which relies on the potentially unreliable transportation and fuel system)…

All these systems that most people simply take for granted – systems we have become completely dependent on, systems we expect to work 24/7 without interruption as they always have – has made us lazy and oblivious to what is really going on (and very vulnerable)

Most people forget that electricity is NOT generated from their wall outlet, or that gas is NOT produced from the pump, or water from the pipes in their house…

These are all great and wonderful things, I love having the ability to just flick a switch for light, turn the tap for water and swipe my card at the station around the corner to fill up my truck at a moment’s notice…

…But what happens when… another tornado hits?

  • What if the power goes out for several days?
  • What happens when a hurricane interrupts the flow of oil in the pipeline and transportation shuts down?
  • What happens if you lose your job?
  • What happens if the housing market tanks again?
  • What if the stock market and your retirement accounts are completely wiped out?
  • What if the economy collapses or the dollar crashes?
  • What if we’re not able to supply enough oil to meet demand?
  • What do you do when the people finally revolt against higher taxes / unemployment / political & financial corruption / high inflation / (you name it)…?

Am I talking Armageddon?

Lol, no. These are real situations that happen to people all around the world today, and most people unfortunately in our country are simply unaware and unprepared.

Let’s face it – we’ve been spoiled!  Things have been so good for so long, up until a few years ago, we had the longest period of economic prosperity the world has ever seen!

But what most people don’t realize is that this came at a price….

A price that has not yet been paid.  We are living on borrowed time (and borrowed money, ie, debt…).

  • Housing prices don’t just go up for ever… (inflation is what drives that up and creates a bubble).
  • Stock markets don’t just keep going up just “because“… (when more people put money into something than are taking out, it goes up… What happens when baby boomers start dropping out of the workforce in large numbers and begin pulling money out, instead of putting money back in…?)
  • Other countries don’t just buy our debt and credit obligations to the tune of trillions of dollars and then just sit back and watch us recklessly spend more and party obliviously at their expense… (would you loan money to someone like that – regardless of how rich and important they told you they were?)

Now don’t get me wrong.  I love our country, or rather what it used to stand for.  We have a lot of great things going for us, but we seem to heading in the wrong direction and once again forgetting the past and what made us so great.  The people who came together and risked everything, creating an ingenious document which we had followed for about 200 years before “someone” or “many someones” thought they knew better… (topic for another post in the future perhaps)

I see it every day. We’ve all gotten so used to the good times that we’ve forgotten that famine follows feast, just like winter follows summer (time after time…).

We’ve all gotten so dependent on the systems, on everything working just perfect that any relatively small interruption (in the big scheme of things) would needlessly wipe out most people and become a major disaster… when it doesn’t have to.

So many people are just hanging on, living paycheck to paycheck, totally oblivious that there’s even a possibility that there could even be a slight interruption in any of these systems.

What would they do?

What if there was a sustained disruption for more than a few days or a week? (Think Hurricane Katrina in 2005, or more recently the people in and around New Jersey after Super-storm Sandy in the fall of 2012…)

This is why it is critical that your finances be in order, that you’re earning multiple streams of income…

…to insure against any one of them drying up (like losing your ONE paycheck that you rely on if all you have is a job, for example) and to ensure that you’re not living on the edge should something unexpected occur in this uncertain world we find ourselves in today.

(And it doesn’t have to be difficult or require a full-time effort – just a full-time commitment to doing something more.  Learn more about how easy it can be to start creating wealth by simply filling out the form on the top right of this blog.) 

OK look, the media and government do a good enough job of scaring people. That’s not my intent. I simply took a look around and woke up to the fact that if any of these events were to occur, I didn’t want to be the one caught off guard, massively inconvenienced, or worse have to put my life or future on hold because I wasn’t paying attention.

Personal Responsibility

See, I decided to reanalyze and pay attention to what’s really going on, to ”think outside the box” a little more, to look at the bigger picture and to plan on my future being one of success and abundance regardless of what geo-political or natural “events” take place – not just leaving it up to chance, or crossing my fingers and hoping nothing ever goes wrong.  That’s called naive!  

I wanted to have peace of mind by simply planning ahead so I could be relatively unaffected, and continue to THRIVE forward (instead of just trying to survive and “get through the day”), living each day with as little impact from outside “events” on my day-to-day life as possible, regardless of what happens in the future.

What does that mean?

Taking independence and freedom seriously.

For me personally, that’s by continually moving forward in creating that independence, growing multiple streams of income as well as launching various other businesses related to protection and preparation (like tornado shelters, biodiesel, online marketing and blogging, etc as a way to not only create additional streams of income but to have other ways and means to THRIVE, live life and have fun).

And spending my off-time continually learning new skills, growing and plugging into a community of like-minded people, WHILE enjoying everything that is currently available and accessible today (like driving 6 hours to the gulf for a little beach-time, for example! icon smile Why Creating Wealth & Independence Is Essential Today (Before Its Too Late)

I guess that turned more into a rant than I realized, but if you’ve had any of the same kinds of thoughts lately and want to do something about it (instead of just deny what’s going on in the world today and stick your head in the sand like most people, lol), connect with me and let’s prepare to THRIVE regardless of what happens in the near or long-term.  Whatever happens its a Win-Win!

You can learn more about me and my background on my about me page at http://hansschoff.com/about-hans-schoff

Thanks for taking the time to find out a little about what I’m up to in regards to my focus on creating wealth and independence. I look forward to connecting with you! Let’s THRIVE!

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