Creating Wealth – How A Stimulus Plan Works (Humor)

stimulus 03 300x200 Creating Wealth   How A Stimulus Plan Works (Humor)

With the 2nd round of “Q.E. 2″ being pumped into the economic system (2nd round of “quantitative easing”, aka approx $600 Billion injected into the economy) and all the other craziness going on in our economy and world overall these days, I felt this short, very simple explanation I heard about how stimulus plans actually work at the ground level quite appropriate.  Sometimes when it comes to creating wealth and making sense of it all, humor is the best teacher.

Take a quick listen to this short audio (from a caller of, it’s less than 90 seconds long but it may be all you need.


(Just click the play button)

 Creating Wealth   How A Stimulus Plan Works (Humor)

Article by Hans Schoff

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pixel Creating Wealth   How A Stimulus Plan Works (Humor)

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