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There are 3 core fundamental aspects of MLM recruiting that you need to master if your goal is to achieve any kind of success with your MLM home business.  If any of these 3 fundamentals is missing, you won’t make that residual income you’re after, nor will you have any duplication or growth in your organization.

Here are the 3 MLM Recruiting Fundamentals for Success with an MLM Home Business:

  1. Promote. This is the first step in MLM recruiting.  If your goal is to create a large lasting residual income, then you need to build an organization of people to leverage yourself in order to get paid off the efforts of others as well as yourself.

    To do this, you must advertise, market or promote to find these people.  These methods we refer to as Reaching Out Methods (ROMs).recruiting 3 MLM Recruiting Success Fundamentals   MLM Home Business Tips There are many MLM Recruiting ROMs you can choose from; some where you go to them (PUSH marketing) and other methods where they come to you (PULL marketing).  Some methods you can do offline while others you can do online.  It all depends on your budget, your time, your personality, among other factors.  Some PULL marketing MLM recruiting methods include running classified ads in a local newspaper (or a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign online), putting up tearoffs or flyers on community or university bulletin boards (or posting messages in an online forum), or doing a direct mail campaign (or posting banners or emailing to an ezine).  Some more direct or PUSH marketing ROMs include passing out business cards to people you run into (or actively seeking out and contacting people online) or calling leads you’ve purchased who are searching for an MLM home business (or creating leads online).

  2. Present. Once you have promoted your MLM home business, the next step in the MLM recruiting process is to present your business to your prospects.  Your promotion process should have already pre-qualified your prospects so that you know they are interested and a quality potential prospect for your business.

    Assuming this is the case, you would then need to present your MLM home business opportunity to your prospect.  This can be done 1 on 1, in a group setting, in a living room, via conference call, video or DVD or live via a webinar.  The important thing is to clearly communicate the benefits of joining and working with your company for your prospect.  Sprinkle in a handful of 30-60 second 3rd party testimonials (preferably live) to provide social proof that your MLM home business is legit and does work and then ask for the sale, answering any of the questions the prospect at that point may have.

  3. Train. Once your MLM home business prospects have signed on the dotted line and joined your team, you immediately need to get them started and trained.  The quicker you can get them a check the better chance you have of them sticking with the business and seeing success.  This will build their belief.  Therefore speed is crucial.  You want to help them get the business in front of as many people as possible while they are excited.  All it takes is a few NO’s and your new prospect’s belief can come crashing down and then you’re trying to raise the dead – not the most lucrative MLM recruiting process.

    To get your new people off to a fast start, begin simple training them with WHILE they begin to work the business and put the business in front of others.  In fact, the less they know the better, because there’s less that they can say: “…I don’t really know about that, but what I do know is that I’m excited about this because…”

    Facts and details tell, stories and testimonials sell.  Stay away from facts, focus on the benefits using stories to back them up.  Teach your new people the ropes but be sure not to overwhelm them or try to teach them everything about your MLM home business on their first day.

Make sure you constantly and consistently continue implementing these 3 MLM recruiting fundamentals and in order: Promote, Present, Train and repeat.  As long as you’re doing that and you teach your team to do the same, they will see you doing it and will continue to do it themselves and the pattern will repeat.  So keep your MLM recruiting simple and remember these three steps!

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