3 Must-Have Beliefs for MLM Home Business Success

As you’re recruiting and building your MLM home business, you’ve got to ask yourself:  What do new network marketers want?

They want to BELIEVE they too can achieve their dreams and goals and live their American Dream…

But in order for them to have success with an MLM home business, they need to have belief in three key areas:

  1. belief in the direct sales/network marketing industry,
  2. belief in their company, and
  3. belief in themselves.

For someone who is new to the MLM home business industry and/or new to working for themselves, I first highly suggest reading Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  Back in 2002, I had already begun seeing success in my business before I began reading that book, which I had purchased months earlier, meaning to sit down and read it.  It wasn’t until I was in Germany awaiting my company’s launch for that country when I finally picked up the book and started reading it and let me tell you there was FIRE in my eyes!  That book contains information that we should all have been taught in school, it is so fundamental and simple yet many people go there entire lives without ever knowing the simple yet profound principles found in that book.  For any true success in your life, I bet you can go back and retrace the events leading up to that success and you will undoubtedly find several if not all of the principles revealed in that book present.  It is powerful and will increase the belief in yourself 10-fold once you realize what you’re working with and what it takes to achieve success.  A game-changer for sure!

I harp on this a lot, but even after you have the belief in yourself, it is key to nourish and feed that belief, to help it grow and develop.  Life and business will continue to throw hurdles and obstacles in your path that will make you question WHY you’re working so hard, what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, all of it.  The world is setup in such a way to keep you in line, keep you in your place with the rest of 95% or so. From the first day of grade school all the way into employment this mindset is ingrained in our heads.  You can understand why the system is setup this way; what kind of world would we live in if everyone just did what they wanted to do, set their own schedules and lived by their own rules?  The SYSTEM has established a certain ORDER for the masses to fall into to keep order and prevent chaos.  And that system works great for the masses, but it’s hard to get out of when you’ve been trained and conditioned all your life to live that certain way.

But look at the other side of it as well – if we didn’t have this order to things, who would be there to serve us food when we want to go out to eat?  Who would be there to bag our groceries in the supermarket?  Who would cut our hair?  Remove our cavities?  Prescribe us our medications?  Again, there’s nothing wrong with these occupations or jobs, they are a necessity to our way of life.  All I’m saying is if there was no school system in place to train and educate a work force to do these things, imagine what havoc there would be with teenagers roaming about all day with nothing organized to do – sounds like a recipe for disaster!  Of course, this system is breaking down today as we find ourselves in the information age with outdated ideas and models that many cling onto… but that’s a topic for another day (and perhaps another blog… icon smile 3 Must Have Beliefs for MLM Home Business Success

The number one cause for failure (according to hundreds of Billionaires of Napoleon’s time like Rockefeller, Ford, etc) was due to being around and listening to the negative opinions of friends and family. Put yourself around successful, positive and money-making people – watch as you start to emulate their lives and success! Reinforce this mindset daily with Positive mindfeed and associations with people who are where you’d like to be – very important part of the success formula.  Leaving this step out and not consistently, daily striving for this is jeopardizing your success unnecessarily.  Why not put the odds of success in your favor?

Belief in your MLM home business company or opportunity

This is a big reason it is crucial to attend local, regional and national events – in person – for your MLM home business company.  First off, I know a lot of people turn to online marketing for this very reason – to avoid having to go to hotel meetings and events – but this is crucial.  There are many things that come into play here.

First of all, for your new people, they may sign or submit a business application, they may have even earned their first check.  But until they are able to EXPERIENCE an event put on by your company and be able to SEE a whole bunch of other people JUST LIKE THEM all there with different backgrounds, experiences, and skills from all over the country, until they can really SEE and FEEL that experience, they don’t really BELIEVE in the company.  So number one, going to local, regional and national events is crucial to build and maintain belief in the company.  So unless you want to again jeopardize your people jumping from your company to another company because they are lacking in belief of your company, I’d suggest regularly attending these events.

Now here’s a caveat.  I’m not saying you personally need to BUILD your MLM home business and expose new prospects using these types of events, quite the contrary.  You can build your business and EXPOSE your presentation to your prospects in whatever way works best for you.  Use these events once your prospects have already seen the business in as more of a training and belief building experience to let them see the bigger picture than as a direct business building approach.  I personally think that presenting one on one in person, over the phone or internet is much faster and effective way of presenting the business, but you’ll no doubt have people in your organization in time who may ONLY want to build their MLM home business with that hotel meeting model so you better know how to use it for their sake (and your own)!

(Also, DO NOT make the mistake of thinking you can build your MLM home business 100% online because you can’t, it won’t last.  You’ve GOT to mix the online with the offline for lasting success.  Remember, it’s a PEOPLE business)

Belief in the MLM Home Business and Direct Selling Industry

donaldtrump2 150x150 3 Must Have Beliefs for MLM Home Business Successwarrenbuffett1 150x150 3 Must Have Beliefs for MLM Home Business SuccessIn this day in age, this should be a no-brainer.  With the likes of Donald Trump and Warren Buffet – very successful and astute businessmen and billionaires – having purchased their own network marketing companies, that in itself speaks volumes as to the validity and legitimacy and profitability of this industry.  There are so many books today now written on the subject as well, including books, CDs and DVDs on the subject by Robert Kiyosaki (The Perfect Business CD/DVD or The Business School for People Who Like Helping People book, or The Business of the 21st Century for example).

In fact, today they even teach courses on multi-level and network marketing on college campuses.  The industry has come a long way since it’s infancy half a century or so ago.  And today, tens of thousands of people each day are joining a multilevel marketing company according to the Direct Selling Association.   Why shouldn’t they be in your downline?

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