How To Add 200+ Syndication Pros & Blog Commentators To Your Social Network For Massive Traffic

Chances are if you’re reading this post, you have a website or blog to and have been marketing online to increase your exposure.  Perhaps you’re doing some PPC marketing, maybe video marketing, maybe article marketing.  You may be working on optimizing your site for search engines (SEO) to try to get your blog or website ranked on the first page.

Or maybe you’re new to the world of online marketing and just have your content but no marketing strategy or plan really in place – or nothing that’s working to generate traffic anyway…

Whatever it is you’re doing online, you’ve surely heard about the importance of social media and the impact it can have in taking something viral.  When your content starts getting shared, tweeted, commented on, liked, digged, stumbledupon you know that piece of content is getting massive exposure – much more than you could ever do just on your own!  That’s the power of social media and social marketing.

Now I’m not just talking about YOU sharing your content on facebook, or putting up a tweet about it on twitter.  That’s a start but you ranting and raving about your own stuff isn’t as powerful as a 3rd party or even many 3rd parties (aka social proof!).

So how can you get your content – perhaps a post about your residual income business, some training material or empowering message, maybe a product review or anything else – to go viral via social media?

WTSA Mirror Blue Badge 260 x 125 How To Add 200+ Syndication Pros & Blog Commentators To Your Social Network For Massive Trafficith the help of a syndication tribe like TSA Mastery.

What is a tribe you ask?  In this context, a tribe is basically a group of like-minded individuals all working together with a common goal of helping to expose the tribe or group’s content as a whole.

The idea is that each person does a little to help get the word out about another tribe member’s content by syndicating it (recommending it, commenting on it, sharing it, tweeting about it, digging it, liking it, etc, etc) – basically doing everything they can to help increase the exposure of their content, blog and various social media profiles from facebook and twitter to YouTube and LinkedIn.

It’s a symbiotic relationship where everyone gives and everyone receives – the epitome of a real social community.  The TSA tribe currently has 200 or so actively syndicating members (it’s grows by the day!) that take time each week to syndicate the content of others in exchange for the others in the group syndicating their content.

Imagine the additional exposure you would receive from 200 active, quality friends and followers (remember each person is on 5-10 different content sharing sites, increasing your web exposure, not to mention you get access to their large and growing networks as well!).

As of last week, the total number of friends and followers of TSA members combined was just under 1,000,000 people – as a member of TSA your content can potentially be seen by an additional 1,000,000 people!

Here’s what happens when your product reviews, residual income business opportunity, your marketing videos, etc begin getting this kind of exposure from the TSA community:

First of all, your rankings increase as Google and the other bots and spiders out there take notice that your site is receiving much more activity, not just the number of visits but the amount of interaction.

Secondly, the sharing of your content and the links of your content showing up all over the internet further tells the bots and spiders that your content must be more valuable and therefore your rankings will increase further.  As your rankings increase, you start showing up higher and higher in the search engine results which in turn gets you even more visitors.

And these visitors, once they visit your page see all the “social proof” of others interacting and sharing your content, immediately validates you as an expert or authority in their eyes, someone with credibility.  So you end up attracting higher quality, more serious prospects as a result.  Need I say more?

Here’s another thing to take into consideration: if you’re not part of a tribe – if your content is not currently being syndicated and exposed to such a powerful network like TSA with over 200 people helping you blast your message out across the internet – how can you expect to stand out to the search engines or to your prospects when others are taking advantage of this powerful networking strategy to let Google, other search engines and their visitors know that they have good quality content to share?

How Much Is It Gonna Cost Me?

There’s one last thing you’re probably wondering.  Ok, sounds great, but what’s it going to cost?  For such huge benefits and massive traffic, how long is it going to take me to save up so I can afford to participate in this community?

That’s one of the best parts.  Their is a cost, but it’s NOT monetary.  That’s right, there is no FINANCIAL cost - no money required – to become part of the TSA tribe.  As long as you are committed to doing your part, as long as you’re willing to follow the simple, easy guidelines to help syndicate others content each week, you are able to join one of the most powerful methods for driving traffic to your site and increasing your ranking with the search engines, among many other benefits!

If you want to learn more, check out the TSA Tribe and their free video series that will teach you step by step how to add 200+ syndication pros to your social network and begin getting your content syndicated across the internet.  Simple as that!

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