All-In-One MLM System? My 12 Years of Personal Experience

Is there really one MLM system that can do it all?

mlm system All In One MLM System?  My 12 Years of Personal ExperienceOver a year ago, I was in your same shoes.   I had been building my residual income business offline but I knew there had to be a a way I could leverage the incredible power of the internet, with all the people online just a click away and all the new web technology and social media sites, there just had to be an MLM system out there that capitalized and took advantage of this.

I had been using different online prospecting systems since the early 2000s, all with mixed results.  Some were just glorified MLM leads programs with a contact manager and maybe a capture page or two, and as long as you were willing to go the numbers and call lots and lots of suspects over the phone who had seen a generic home based business message, you could get some results.

The Problem with Most MLM Systems

The problem with most of these systems is they are generic – they are not about selling YOU, which is crucial today when you’re trying to stand out from the crowd and using attraction marketing so that your prospects are hunting you down as opposed to you having to go after them (the old way of doing things).

Without an MLM system in place though, most people only know to do what their uplines tell them to do, for  better or for worse.  Maybe you can relate to my early days when the only ways we were taught to find people to build our residual income businesses was by passing out thousands of flyers maybe on a college campus (where thousands of students would pass by us between classes) or worse going door to door and putting flyers through people’s doors.  We approached people with surveys we wrote and printed to enter them into drawings, we stalked people at the mall to get names and numbers from whatever malls hadn’t yet kicked us out.  That’s how most people are taught to build the business (that and hassling your friends and family over and over)!.

Can you relate?

The good news is, those days are over.  Now, thanks to the internet and a great MLM system, you don’t have to chase after or hassle anyone or get kicked out of anywhere.  In fact, you really can build your residual income business from home using just your phone and your computer.  You can set it up so that you are targeting a certain niche, maybe a certain profession, a particular area of the country, or a certain demographic.  You can setup an autoresponder for those who respond to your marketing so you can automatically build rapport with them and establish trust so that your conversations with prospects are enjoyable because you’re not a stranger – through your emails and system they’ll know who you are!  Imagine that!

There are too many benefits to list, but here are some important ones that this MLM system will give you:

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    Branding - stand out from the crowd and let your prospects know who you are and what you’re about before you ever talk or come in contact with them.  Let your MLM system do the sifting and sorting for you so that you only ever connect with those who already know, like and trust you!

  • Your Own List - it is so important to build your list so that you’ve always got a captive audience to market to.  Imagine the power of being able to send out an email and have people send you money because of it.  That’s the power of having a list.  Most network marketers end up building a list that their company owns.  But should the company go under or should you somehow violate their policies and procedures you will quickly find out who OWNS that list (and it’s not you!).  Your MLM system needs to give you the ability to own your list so you can take it with you later for whatever reason because it’s your list – crucial!
  • Fully customizable capture/landing pages – generic landing pages are no good.  You want people buying into you, they need to hear from you and learn about who you are.  You need the ability to create your own custom landing pages for your prospects to opt-in to so you can capture their information so your MLM system can market to them and build that important relationship on your behalf.  Your MLM system should have some great templates you can easily customize with your own verbiage and media to make it unique to you.
  • MLM.Banner 8 250x250 All In One MLM System?  My 12 Years of Personal ExperienceEducation and Training – how would you like to learn how to make money for your residual income business using facebook?  With over half a billion people worldwide on this one social network alone, you better have a good understanding of how to use facebook and more importantly how NOT to use facebook for your business (so many people mess this up!).  What about Twitter?  LinkedIn?  Google?  Onlywire?  TribesBlogging?  Stay on top of the latest marketing methods and strategies to drive traffic to you to create leads with weekly training webinars on what’s working now as well as an entire library archive of virtually every marketing strategy you could think of to build your business online – or offline!
  • Leverage - Most people building a residual income business fail because they don’t go through enough people.  With an MLM system and the internet, you can drive traffic to your MLM system 24 hours a day thereby increasing your numbers resulting in more prospects entering your pipeline which will result in more people joining you in your business, bottom line!
  • Additional Ways to Make Extra Money – not every prospect who finds you or your MLM system is going to join you, that’s a given.  So what about those prospects?  Why not make money from them?  Maybe the timing isn’t right for them to join you right now.  In the meantime, you know they were attracted to you because they were looking for something.  So why not introduce them (via your MLM system autoresponder, aka automatically) to some additional MLM tools that can help them in the meantime?  When they buy these additional MLM tools you promote to them of course, you earn additional affiliate commissions.  Oh, and there are 19 other of these additional income streams built into this MLM system with proven products and MLM tools that will help your prospects…

I could go and on about the benefits of this great MLM system, but if you’re interested in learning more so you leverage your time and energy you put into your residual income business for maximum results (and more enjoyment while doing so), visit the following site now to learn ALL the benefits: MLM System

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