How to Attract 60,000 Twitter Followers With Your MLM Home Business

twittermoney How to Attract 60,000 Twitter Followers With Your MLM Home BusinessIf you’ve been building an MLM home business for any length of time you know that the more fishing hooks you have in the water, the more fish you’re likely to catch.  In other words, you need to have several marketing methods going at all times to increase the numbers of leads you catch, the representatives you sponsor and the amount of money you make.

Twitter is just one of those hooks, albeit a very powerful hook if used correctly.  Twitter is now the 10th most popular website on the planet (according to which means it’s pretty popular.  If marketing is all about exposure, and Twitter’s #10 in the world out of millions and millions of websites and billions of people, it’s probably a marketing approach you need to be familiar with.  Even if you’ve already chosen or committed to other marketing methods, the new people you enroll into your MLM home business may be interested in taking advantage of this powerful strategy as one of their top marketing methods…

First of all, success using Twitter to create leads for your MLM home business requires discipline and consistency, like any other marketing method.  You want to set aside 20 minutes a day – everyday – for the best results.  Make it a goal to read, comment and retweet 10 other MLM home business blogs a day and to follow an additional 20 MLM leaders a day.

That may not sound like much, but compounded over time you will find your twitter account becomes a magnet for other serious business builders as long as you’re not “selling” people constantly with your tweets and messages.  In fact, you want to stand out from the crowd by doing the complete opposite.  9 out of 10 tweets involve a promotion or link to buy something so you want to instead NOT try to sell something, but rather become attractive to others.

It starts with your profile.  You want to relate to people so put information in your profile that won’t turn people off or push them away.  You’ll find that as you’re adding people to your twitter account (or “following” others) and mentioning people in your tweets, they will in turn click on your profile to find out more about you, to see if you’re just trying to SELL them something or if there may be some real VALUE in being associated with a like-minded human being.  If your profile doesn’t turn them off, you’ll find most people will “follow” you to stay in communication with you and see what you’re about.

Here’s where the lead conversion begins to take shape!  When someone becomes one of your “followers” on twitter, you want to send them a Direct message (a private message that none of your other followers but that person will see) to connect with them and entice/invite them to connect with you further on your facebook page or YouTube channel (which is interpreted as safe, personal and “non-selling” environments).  Of course that gives you the opportunity to connect with them at another level and for them to learn more about you and begin to develop a relationship with you.  This is YOU-marketing and self-branding at it’s best!

Again, you are not pitching or selling your MLM home business, you are selling you and that’s what your future potential leads are buying into – YOU!  It’s called attraction marketing and it’s where you become the HUNTED versus the HUNTER.  People come after you instead of you having to chase them (one of the reasons most people building an MLM home business the traditional way ran into so much difficulty because they would literally hound and chase their friends and family until they signed up – not the way to do it!).  You need to read the free course on attraction marketing called Magnetic Sponsoring if you’re not familiar with attraction marketing…

There’s so much more I can share with you about how you can use  Twitter to build your MLM Home Business, like:

  • Free twitter software you can use to automate a lot of the process
    • of adding followers
    • sending direct messages to invite people to your facebook page
    • notifying you of messages you’re mentioned in by others
    • and many other options
  • What to say and what NOT to say in your direct messages to people who follow you
  • What kinds of things to put in your profile, including what kind of picture to add
  • What kind of messages to send out and how frequently (did you know the most retweets are at 4pm EST on Fridays?)
  • The number 1 way to get someone on Twitter’s attention
  • Additional related resources to further your success in using Twitter and Social Media in general
  • …I could go on and on…

But rather than just TELL you about all these great benefits and features of what Twitter can do for your MLM home business, instead I’ll let one of my business partners SHOW you all about it in webinar format.

To view this free Twitter webinar recording that reveals all the information above to help you create more results for your MLM home business, visit this site now: Free Twitter Training & Techniques

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