Blog Problems And Blog Errors – The Easy Solution

Blogging can be a great way to connect with others, share your ideas, develop community and build a following – except when you’re experiencing blog problems and blog errors!

You know what I mean!  You read about the latest, greatest blog plugins and spend hours of your precious time learning how to find them, download them, upload them, install them and then try to figure out what settings you need to have to make sure it works right (and doesn’t take down your blog in the process).  Sometimes the blog problems you have to go through makes you wonder if it’s worth the trouble?

blog problems Blog Problems And Blog Errors   The Easy SolutionOr the other other blog problems or blog errors you get when wordpress or individual plugins have their updates.  You think you are “increasing your security” and “eliminating vulnerabilities” and just when you’ve finished getting everything up to date, your whole blog crashes on you (hopefully you can still access the admin panel to find and “undo” whatever you just did that created the blog problem in the first place)…

It can be quite a hassle.  Just the other day I was checking my analytics profile on some sites I’ve previously setup and noticed a flat line on one of my blogs – it had died!  Something had happened that prevented my website from even showing up at all for a little while, just a blank white page.  Scary, no?  Especially if you’ve poured a lot of energy and passion into creating some great content or money even marketing that content, etc.  Apparently my caching program threw a fit an no longer wanted to work – don’t you just love the unexpected (or not!).

So what is the solution to all these blog problems and blog errors?

Isn’t that just part of the pain of having an effective blog that can rank and bring you lots of quality traffic as in the case of wordpress?

I guess that’s one way to look at it.

You can just continue to suffer with all these blog problems and blog errors that will continue to come up until you become a certified programmer, lol, or you put your blog problems behind you by working smarter.  You can still have a wordpress blog, you can still get all the numerous benefits that a wordpress blog has to offer, AND you can outsource all the technical stuff, plugins, themes and most settings to the professionals by leveraging an established, high-authority blogging platform and network to also help you get better rankings and attract more traffic from day 1.

In this way you can leave all the blog problems and blog errors in the past and just focus on what matters – creating quality content.  And if you just so happen to also get a high-converting sales process with excellent high-value products attached to your blog that pays out 100% commissions, so much the better right?  It’s basically like being paid to blog.  The banners and funnel is pre-configured for you, plug and play so to speak.  You just create quality content, attract the traffic and your high-authority, popular blog will do the rest, from capturing visitor information to presenting and selling the products to depositing your 100% commissions directly into your bank account.

To learn how you can put your frustrating and time consuming blog problems and blog errors behind you, just watch this video: 3 Things Anyone Can Do


pixel Blog Problems And Blog Errors   The Easy Solution

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