How To Easily Capture Leads Without A Form Using Facebook Connect

Ever heard of Facebook connect, facebook registration or a facebook opt-in?  I’m not talking about signing in to facebook to check on your friends or send out an update, I’m talking about a way to capture leads for your residual income business or other online business WITHOUT these visitors having to manually enter their name, email or phone number and yet STILL being able to capture their information.  Sound impossible?  It’s not, thanks to facebook connect and facebook registration apps.

Here’s how this facebook connect works:

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Most people stay logged into their facebook account while surfing other sites online, right?  I mean most people don’t actively log out or logoff facebook before clicking on a link in their email (or clicking on an external link while on facebook obviously).

Therefore, by having a facebook registration or facebook connect button on your blog or webpage, a visitor can simply click on a button and viola!

You’ve just captured their contact information without them having to punch in their email address, name or phone number.

Your visitor simply goes straight to the free report or information you’ve promised them as before but all they have to do to get it is a click a button.  Yes, it’s that simple! Clever, right?

Check it out for yourself. Just scroll up the page of my blog and on the right-hand side under my home based income tips welcome video you’ll see my How to Create Multiple Streams of Income & a Solid 6-figure Home Based Income ebook I’m giving away and the form to enter your name and email address and the facebook connect button.  Go ahead and click the button and watch what magically happens (I didn’t believe how easy and simple it was when I first discovered this either!).

Bconnect1 How To Easily Capture Leads Without A Form Using Facebook Connectut that’s where the magic starts! Once a visitor clicks that facebook connect button, their information is automatically sent to whatever autoresponder list you (the blog owner) set up.  So as far as your concerned, nothing has changed – you still capture their information in the same way you did before, it’s just easier (and sexier) for your visitors now.

Plus, you’ll find with the facebook registration or facebook connect functionality, you will get more accurate information because it’s the same info your visitors use to access their facebook accounts.

But what’s even cooler, is you can also set it up so your visitor receives a personalized wall post on their facebook wall as well, as if you had manually gone to their wall and written them a personal message!  How’s that for branding and automated potentially-massive exposure for you socially?!  I’m serious, click the button on the top right of my blog above the name and email form (or any of the images in this article for that matter) and see for yourself.  Do it right now.  Just clicking that button will automatically post a message from me to your facebook wall.  How cutting-edge is that? And all automated…

 How To Easily Capture Leads Without A Form Using Facebook ConnectNot only that, but you can setup that feature like an autoresponder where you post a series of messages on the facebook walls of all your visitors with a certain schedule or even mass post one message to everyone of your visitors’ wall at once (to promote some time-sensitive event, for example).  Be careful not to overuse this feature however as you do not want to be perceived as a spammer to your visitors – that’s a quick way to lose prospects and credibility!

These are just a few of the many benefits using a facebook registration or facebook connect app on your blog can provide.

The best part though?

You can get your blog setup with a facebook connect app for free and without having to know a bunch of code or html.  Just cut and paste.  You’ll love it and I highly recommend it and use it myself obviously because it’s just cool.  Real win-win situation for you and your visitors.

You can learn more and get your own free facebook registration or facebook connect application set-up to start receiving leads through facebook today by clicking on the following link now: Facebook Connect

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