Charlie Sheen and Two And A Half Men – Lessons for Your Residual Income Business?

charliesheen 214x300 Charlie Sheen and Two And A Half Men   Lessons for Your Residual Income Business?You may be thinking what lessons could I learn from Charlie Sheen or the show Two and a Half Men that could possibly help my residual income business?

First of all, how would you like to be like actor Charlie Sheen?

No, I’m not talking about the drugs and alcohol or his “polygamy story” either. What I’m referring to is his ability to create a massive media frenzy allowing him to grow a massive twitter following for himself (nearly a million people in just over 25 hours from setting up a twitter account) by tapping in and relating to the public’s general level of discomfort, distaste, and dissatisfaction for the way things are today.

If you aren’t up to date on the latest pop culture (don’t worry nor am I), let me fill you in real quickly. I was doing some research on a totally unrelated topic when a link I clicked on took me to the front page of a major international newspaper with actor Charlie Sheen spread across the entire page with a very interesting headline.

I don’t usually have time to hear about other people’s self-hyped and promoted problems especially when there’s nothing that’s going to help move my life forward, but I also like to be kept informed and in-tune with the psyche of people and the changing trends (so I can try and get ahead of them if I see one forming – and I see one emerging now…). Anyway, I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about and see if there was anything to it, and after skimming the article a ways I realized there was something powerful happening…

Charlie Sheen has been leading a pretty crazy life as of late, even for a celebrity. This craziness is nothing new, it’s a great way to get the hype machine working in your favor to get you massive exposure and buzz and therefore allow you to command extra high pay (as in Charlie Sheen’s case) or boost sales. But there’s more to this story than the usual rise and fall of celebrities in the limelight (or spotlight as the case may be)

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock recently, you are likely aware of the many difficult challenges, problems, issues and crises facing our society, our country, the world. I won’t go into detail here, but the good times we all experienced just a few years back have completely turned upside down, people are fearful instead of peaceful, angry instead of relaxed, uncertain and shaken instead of calm and certain and they want change (and have wanted it for many years now).

However, in the midst of all these problems and crises, you see people are finally beginning to rise up, to stand up for what they believe in. They are getting so fed up, so angry at government, banks, corporations, oil companies, political leaders – you name it – that they are taking matters into their own hands, as evidenced by the tea party movement and town hall meetings, the Egyptian regime change, riots in England over tuition increases, unrest in Africa leading to oil disruptions, etc…

What does this have to do with Charlie Sheen?

Charlie Sheen – whether he knows it or not – is capitalizing on this chain of events, this general unhappiness, uncertainty and fear most people have been feeling which they are getting fed up with (it’s the old: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” icon wink Charlie Sheen and Two And A Half Men   Lessons for Your Residual Income Business? .

He’s using what he feels is his wrongfully being fired from the popular “Two and a Half Men” show as a spearhead to lead a passionate and heated campaign to tap into and ride the rising wave of public dissatisfaction (whether with their job, their finances, the government, taxes, inflation, etc) to excuse his extreme and what most feel is a very unhealthy lifestyle.

His extreme lifestyle only helps his cause gain more headlines and traction (there’s no such thing as bad publicity), but because of the timing of his exploits and the incredible exposure and powerful platform (sudden cancellation of a very popular TV show) he has to get out his message, his extreme behavior and choices almost seem to be gaining acceptance rather than being dismissed outright as being plain wrong.

Perhaps this too is a sign of the changing times? Who knows for sure; his 200,000+ new followers on twitter within minutes of him signing up for a twitter account speaks volume though…

So what do Charlie Sheen’s escapades have to do with me?

Here’s what to take away from all this. Times are a-changing, we should know this by know. This incident only goes to show how deep this change is when a Hollywood actor can bump the Oscar weekend buzz on his own, as I’ve heard Charlie Sheen has done, probably unknowingly (probably not the best weekend to come out with something like this, with all the media competition from Hollywood with the Oscars and all).

What I believe has made this story really take off and capture people’s attention is that many people today can relate to his situation of being unemployed for what he feels is no fault of his own (think of all the layoffs and job cuts). He’s upset about being laid off and with the unemployment rate so high, prices for everything going up and all the other arising problems and issues today just compounding and piling up, people can relate to him and his story and may even be inspired by his actions to speak out and speak up. He may have more means available to him and more freedom to do and get away with than most, but the underlying causes and need to react people can definitely relate to.

What it all means

People today are craving freedom, craving security and craving certainty. Most are no longer able to get that from the government, from their job, from the school system, from anywhere. More people today are looking for a way to get back control of their lives, their finances, and their future. You can be the one to help lead the way, to show them the path of how they can become secure and yet be free at the same time through a residual income business.

The market is ripe, the people are ready. Get out there and let people know that you have a solution to their problems, that you can not only help them get back in control, but also provide them with a vehicle – a residual income business – that can help them reach their dreams and goals. Charlie Sheen has done the hard part and tested the waters – the amount of media coverage clearly confirms there is a need. Now it’s your turn to demonstrate a solution!

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