Do Bloggers Make Money? The Truth About Blogging For Money

It may seem like a silly question, but many people new to marketing online or who are looking for some ways to make extra money frequently ask: do bloggers make money?

do bloggers make money Do Bloggers Make Money? The Truth About Blogging For MoneyThe answer to “do bloggers make money” is… yes and no.

Not all bloggers make money; some blogs are just for hobby where someone just wants to share their life with their friends and family, more of like an online journal that others can also interact with and comment on.

What these type of bloggers don’t realize however is that same blog with the same energy, interaction and content with a few minor tweaks can start earning them an additional income stream, allowing them to continue to focus on their blog posts as the money comes in (more on that in a minute).

And then you have the other extreme, bloggers who spend all day tinkering with their blog settings, focusing on trying to make everything look perfect, wanting to have the best blog, messing with plugins, themes, and all sorts… when what they don’t realize is there are other marketers with ugly, imperfect blogs that make their blog owners thousands and thousands of dollars.

What’s the difference? How do bloggers make money with less than perfect blogs?

It’s a different focus.  Bloggers whose main focus is on creating great, unique content with high-value that will benefit their readers and web surfers are the bloggers who reap the most rewards.  Sure there are other variables involved and you want to promote your great content but if you’ve got that great content, your readers and viewers will help share and push your content out there for you, helping it go viral which attracts more traffic to your blog and allows you to make money.  Without that great content, you’ve got nothing.  Being able to prioritize your time to create that fabulous content is what makes the difference, but it may not be that easy for some who choose the more difficult path…

So how do bloggers make money when their focus is on creating great content?

Of course, you have to have the right foundation in place, and that’s a decent blog.  You can spend the time and frustration to learn how to setup your own blog and deal with the themes and plugins and other issues to get it up and running so that you can begin to create that great content that will bring you sales (the more difficult and frustrating option), or you can outsource that part of the process for $25 and start blogging today on a pre-optimized blogging platform that will allow you to get more traffic, more quickly with higher rankings for your posts and keywords automatically and have a pre-built high-converting sales funnel included so you can maximize the earnings from your traffic.

Either method will work to some degree, you just have to decide what’s most important to you: are you more concerned with being able to have full control and be fully responsable for learning and monitoring every part of your blog?  Or would you prefer to trade $25 for an optimized system to take care of all the “technical”, headache-making stuff so you just focus on creating great content?  That’s all you were after from the start anyway right?  Something simple, easy and fun that you can do now, without having to earn a bachelor’s degree and waste a bunch of time learning stuff you don’t really care about anyway?

That’s the difference.  So do bloggers make money, well, the smart ones who learn to outsource the complicated, time-consuming things they don’t want to do (for a measly $25) do very well; the ones who want to learn every aspect of how a blog works and how to adjust this and that – they may make money down the line but it’s few and far between and it’s sure not the easiest, simplest or most profitable way to go.

pixel Do Bloggers Make Money? The Truth About Blogging For Money

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