Empower Network Review – What You May Not Know About Empower Network

What you don’t know about Empower Network may cost you money!

The Empower Network is a blogging platform designed for newbie marketers who don’t want to mess with all the technical stuff but who just want to get started blogging by paying a measly $25.

Of course, it’s no measly blog, quite the opposite; it’s a wordpress.org blog which the search engines love (which is good for rankings and helping to get more people to actually find the stuff you blog about), plus the Empower Network domain is an authority site in the eyes of google (it’s been around a while and has favorable history to it) which again leads to higher rankings, more exposure, more traffic and more success for whatever it is you’re blogging about, whether you’re blogging to create a community or if you’re blogging for money.

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Empower Network: Make Money Blogging

…But here’s what’s really interesting.

If you’re at all interested in earning money from your blogging efforts (and let’s face it, who couldn’t use more home based income), there’s a very clever marketing system built into it whereby someone signs up for their blog (through your blog or your link), pays the $25 and you make $234…  

How does that work?

It’s all down to the science of how and why the Empower Blog system was created.  It was designed by some of the best, most successful online marketers in existence based on principles and strategies that they had personally used and experienced in making their millions of dollars online (by the way, they too use this system so you know it must be good).  To make millions of dollars online, you’ve got to know sales because obviously that’s where the money comes from…

But what’s great about the internet and this system in particular is that the “sales funnel” is automated and has been built and tested to get some of the highest conversions online (YOU are not doing the sales, the system is for you), meaning all people need to do is visit the site and it takes care of it from there, converting that “traffic” into sales – as high as 30% (depending on the traffic source).

Plus, the products offered via the sales funnel are excellent, exclusive products that provide incredible value yet are priced at a steal – in other words, a recipe for success!  In fact, the products offered are so valuable, they have been proven to help dramatically increase – in fact multiply – the income of those people who purchase and apply their content.

So what does all this mean?

This means that you can spend your time blogging about whatever you feel most passionate or interested aboutwhether or not that is money-related – and as your blog content and blog posts gain more and more traction, get more and more exposure you will begin to attract more and more traffic.

As this traffic visits your page to hear what you have to say, those who are interested – which is a certain percentage of any amount or type of traffic you attract – will be curious and click on one of the links pre-setup on your blog which will enter them into the sales funnel – and the system takes over from there.  A certain percentage of those who click on the sales funnel link will become leads for the system to market to; a percentage of those will convert to sales, of which by the way, you are paid 100%.

So how does a $25 Empower Network blog referral become $234 in commissions?

That has been the average payout for the Empower Network blog once someone signs up for their own Empower Network blog for $25 because the sales videos inside the system are so compelling and the products so valuable that people on average end up buying much more than just the $25 blog because the value – especially for the price – is so huge.

Recipe for success?  I think so!

Empower Network Simple 3 step Formula:

1. Blog (create content daily)

2. Tell others (share you blog posts socially, via marketing, etc)

3. Get paid (100% commissions)

But don’t take my word for it, check it out the funnel and system yourself; watch the video, get a blog and check out the other products offered as well and tell me what you think: 3 Things Anyone Can Do


pixel Empower Network Review   What You May Not Know About Empower Network

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