Boost Your Home Based Income By Incorporating Funded Proposals

Building businesses is how the majority of the wealthiest people acquired their wealth; creating Home Based Income is no different.  A home based business is a great way to start a business with an experienced and successful company, to work around your schedule and from the comfort of your home and still create substantial income.

In most cases however, substantial home based income takes time to build.  Afterall, it is not a get-rich-quick industry.  Sure you hear lots of amazing stories of people achieving enormous feats to create amazing sums of money – but you usually only hear the end of the story; the start of the story in reality happened many years ago after lots and lots of skills training, education and old fashioned hard work.

How Long Does It Take To Create Walk-Away Home Based Income?

45 year plan Boost Your Home Based Income By Incorporating Funded Proposals

The British equivalent of the "40 year plan"

For the average home based business owner, building up your home based income to the six or seven figure level takes time and a commitment to consistent, daily action.  A good 2-5 years is a good rule of thumb – not bad compared to the old 40-40-40 plan (40hrs/wk for 40yrs to retire with a 40kt gold watch – and I don’t know if they’re handing out watches anymore…).  However, utilizing the internet today, there are home business owners earning record profits after 12 months of consistent, daily action (we’re talking multiple six and some seven-figure earners here!).

So how can you create a six-figures home based income within as little as one year using the internet?  The concept is known as a Funded Proposal.  You see, one person can only move so much product.  The Home Based income industry provides a structure to allow a person to recruit and build a distribution network, allowing you to leverage the results of your network.  So instead of profiting from just your sales, you also receive profits from the sales of your entire team (like an insurance or real estate broker can on their agents), depending on the compensation structure of the company you’re in business with.  So obviously, the larger the team you grow that’s producing, the more income you’re going to create.  That process takes time, therefore you will make more down the road as your team continues to grow.

The unfortunate thing is, people have needs and desires now, and don’t want to wait 2-5 years to start seeing life-changing home based business income from their efforts.  Everyone’s been so conditioned with this “gotta-have-it now” mindset that a lot of people will quit before the compounding effect really has a chance to set in, before the seedling has a chance to sprout.  Some people are so conditioned to receive a regular paycheck from the start that, even as meager as that check may be, that’s what they need…

Not everyone is made to be an entrepreneur, to develop substantial home based income or to accumulate wealth.

And that’s why the top 1% control the other 99% of the wealth in the world, but I digress…

The funded proposal is actually a solution for the Home Based Income industry to help those with this problem.  It effectively allows them to begin making regular income within their first couple of weeks and months while the income from their primary home business builds at the same time.  Essentially the funded proposal allows Home Based Business workers to profit off the tools they use to build their business which their prospects purchase in their desire to make money from home (they need the right tools to be successful in the industry as well, so why shouldn’t you receive an affiliate commission for recommending the product to them create the home based income they desire?)  Just be careful not to get swept up selling tools to people and get sidetracked.

So the right Funded Proposal structure can help you create home based income up front and put you in profit rather quickly.  And when you combine that with leveraging the efforts of your team and helping them do the same, you’ve got one powerful approach for producing massive long term profits.

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