How to Overcome the #1 Home Based Income Problem

If you’ve ever created home based income before, then you know that it really is work (it’s not get rich quick!).  There are many great companies and just as many great products that you can market, but the one constant in all of them is the movement of products and/or services.  Some sort of product or service must change hands in order for you to make a profit.  And in order for that to happen on a large scale, you absolutely must have leverage.  So you can work your tail off and try to make as many one-on-one sales yourself or work smarter and leverage your abilities and resources by utilizing systems to duplicate yourself into a sales force of many to be able to move more product or sell more services to more people.  Does that make sense?

This is where the problem lies with Home Based Income

leverage earth 150x150 How to Overcome the #1 Home Based Income Problem People just don’t know how to effectively and inexpensively create that leverage to multiply their results so they can achieve the level of success they desire!  Done right, you actually end up putting in less of your time to get better results faster.

Now let me say that first of all, if you’ve been failing in your attempts to create any sizable amount of home based income for months now – or maybe even years – realize that it’s not your fault.  Many other people have suffered through the exact same issues.  You simply were never taught and therefore never knew the proper techniques of how to leverage the internet and other tools to be successful.  That’s like trying to be an open-heart surgeon after taking a few CPR classes – it’s specialized training.

But in this case it won’t cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn and master the skills and tools necessary to become successful with your business; utilizing just a few powerful tools with the right marketing system and training can make your home based business profitable within weeks or even days (depending on how much leverage you can apply!).

So here is the number one problem with Home Based Income: having enough interested and qualified prospects to talk to about your business!

Again it comes back to leverage – you want to get your message out to more people on a regular basis without having to spend a bunch of money or waste time trying to pre-qualify “suspects” one at a time yourself (in person, over the phone, etc).

The bigger your team, the greater your ability to move more product and ultimately produce more home based income

In order to build a team, you want a system in place that can pre-qualify and sort through your interested prospects on autopilot, notifying you of the more serious prospects so you know where to spend your time to get the best results.  Duplicate yourself by recruiting a team to help reduce your Home Based Income load and multiply your earnings.  Teach your recruits how to use the system and how the people they recruit can do the same and once this takes place, you will have completed the cycle and completely replaced yourself while your income can continue to grow.

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