How Do Bloggers Make Money Blogging Online?

how do bloggers make money How Do Bloggers Make Money Blogging Online?With all the popularity around blogging today, many people wonder just how do bloggers make money?

You wouldn’t think you could make money by just writing  a few hundred words each day, especially when the blog posts are on topics that have nothing to do with making money.  Is there something you don’t know?

So How Do Bloggers Make Money?

There are several ways how bloggers can make money blogging.

One way how do bloggers make money that you don’t see too often any more is through google adword ads.  These are still around – 4 short text ads or so – that bloggers put in different places on their site, either at the top of bottom of a post or sometimes right in the middle of the content.  The clickthroughs on this type of advertising has gone down and the commissions are quite low which is perhaps why these have gone out of favor for a lot of bloggers (plus they’re unattractive looking most often).

Another way how do bloggers make money with their blogs is writing reviews of different products and essentially creating sales copy for a particular product or service.  They blog about the benefits of the product or service, helping to explain it a little to help the reader decide if it’s something they want to click on to learn more about (which if purchased would earn the blogger a small commission).  A similar strategy is known as article marketing.

Probably the most common way how do bloggers make money with their blogs is with banner ads.  These are the usually blinking images in the sidebar with bold colors that distract you as you’re trying to read someone’s blog.  Typically, a blogger may get 20-30% commissions on the product being advertised on their blog so that when you click the image and enter the advertiser’s sales funnel, the advertiser then will send you money when someone buys the product.

How other bloggers make money is through list building.

Basically, a blogger will create unique, high-quality content, packed with value and not really offer anything for sale but just ask the reader to sign up or subscribe to their list (usually with an incentive for a free report or bootcamp or something) so that the blogger can capture that person’s email address and continue to market to them (mostly automatically via an email autoresponder) in the future.

How do bloggers make money doing this you ask?  Well, this is a kind of perpetual marketing approach where you’re not trying to make a commission on that first contact or visit (on the front end) but rather build trust and rapport with website visitors and down the road more of them will buy more from you (on the back end) and it allows you to market different and multiple products multiple times.

The Most Profitable Way How Do Bloggers Make Money Today

Some of the highest paid bloggers in the industry however do things a little different.  They’re able to make more money, more quickly (as quick as 30-60 days seeing serious income results) with a smarter approach.

So how do these top earning bloggers make money?  What are they doing differently that most aren’t?

First of all, they are using an optimized blogging platform specifically designed to generate sales and profits for bloggers.  They combine this platform for capturing leads (list building) and generating results with high-converting, high-value products that people are looking for and, just as importantly, that generate 100% commissions – not the measly 20-30% industry average for most affiliate products.  That in itself makes a huge difference in how do bloggers make money from those who make hardly any money.

And equally important, they don’t spend their weeks and months fooling with creating or modifying their blog theme, installing plugins, changing colors or fonts or worrying about any other technical details.  They realize their time is valuable – especially since most bloggers are part timers – and they focus on creating that high-quality, high-value content that drives traffic to their blogs and let their optimized blogging platform do the rest.

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