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Before you can learn how to make online money, you have to first understand how the internet marketing world works, what drives sales and what causes people to spend money.

how to make online money 155x300 How To Make Online Money   The Simple ApproachIt’s no secret that there are billions of people surfing and searching the internet every day (and many of them trying to find out how to make online money just like you!).  Information is the commodity people are after, whether it’s a particular product, service or company they are looking into, information from or about people they know or want to know, or in our case, information they’re seeking to help them address an issue or solve a problem.

This is why yellow page ads used to work (before the internet became so popular and useful).  People had a plumbing leak they wanted fixed, flowers they needed to purchase and have sent somewhere, etc.  Of course, you had to manually flip through the pages to find what you were hopefully looking for (if it was even available in your area, and then you could only call or drop by to get more information).

Today, with the internet, people can know simply fire up their computer, open their web browser and just type whatever their problem is or whatever information they’re looking for (that’s more than likely how you found this article, right? icon smile How To Make Online Money   The Simple Approach .  They can find reviews, testimonials, compare companies and products, get technical information and more all without having to go anywhere and in most cases without even having to pick up the phone!

What does that have to do with how to make online money?

Here’s the beauty in it: people online are searching for answers.  Sometimes if it’s just a simple issue, like where is my local pizza restaurant located, that information will be available to the searcher for free (which, of course will likely lead to a sale if your business happens to be the pizza restaurant they found when doing the search…).

However, if you are marketing a good, quality product or service that has a lot of value that helps solve a problem, you just need to get it in front of people who have that problem and supply the information they are looking for so that they realize or come to the conclusion that by purchasing your product or service they will solve their problem!

See, people want their problems solved, and they’re willing to pay money to solve those problems if they perceive more pleasure from the solution than pain from the problem causing it.  People love to buy, but they don’t like to be sold.  That is why you need to offer up as much information as you can to help identify with and address their problem or issue and then communicate to them how your product or service or whatever is the answer they are looking for – and they will buy.  It’s that simple.

So tell me specifically how to make online money

There are many strategies for how to make online money, but basically you want to determine your target market (the people with the problem that your product or solution solves) and then market to those people by providing them content or information in various forms (articles, videos, pictures, documents, tools, spreadsheets, audios, etc) that relates to the problem and then introduces your product or service as the ultimate solution.

How to make online money – How do you market?

There are many different ways to market.  One simple method is to simply setup a blog and start blogging to your target market as discussed above and then market those blog posts so you target market will find them and then your product or service.  There are complicated ways to do this or easy and simple ways.  My suggestion is to focus on the marketing, focus on attracting the people to your content and let your sales funnel do the work for you.  (Don’t have a good product or service to market?  Learn more here)

Or you can go all in and become an online marketing expert and learn multiple marketing strategies and techniques and take the time, energy and money to setup your own blog and brand yourself if you have the resources to do that up front.  Granted it is a longer process, but once complete you’ll have lots of options open to you.

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