How to Work Your Residual Income Business Less To Produce More

couplebeach How to Work Your Residual Income Business Less To Produce MoreLet’s be honest. No one gets involved with or starts a residual income business simply because they need something to do, something to stay busy with.  It’s all about the lifestyle that a residual income business can afford you, that’s what gets people excited!

So as you’re working your tail off to create and grow your residual income business, how can you be more effective so that you can produce more results with less effort, time and/or energy? 

Residual Income Business Tips: Quality of Your Leads

First of all, let’s talk about how you can produce better leads.  The quality of the leads you’re generating will depend upon your level of experience and success in the business.  When you start out, your leads will be of lesser quality than when you’re making 5 or 6 figures a month.  The reason for this is that when you’ve achieved a high level of success, you have lots of exposure, you have a very compelling story, you have a track record, you go viral.  People will search you out and join you because of your level of success, meaning you are attracting more ambitious, motivated, and driven (serious) prospects.

Therefore, when you start out, you will have to work with lower-quality leads meaning you’ll physically have to take them through more steps of the process to get them to make a buying decision.  That’s just part of the process in the beginning but you need to progress so that you are able to begin attracting higher and higher quality leads that require less of your energy and effort and less steps to get them to the same point, otherwise you’ll just get burned out.

How do you start attracting higher quality leads?

In the beginning, you’ve just got to get started and work with what you’ve got: your warm market, opportunity seeker or purchased leads, cold market prospects… you’ve got to have someone to talk to so you can begin progressing, increasing your skills and compounding your results. Just like in any business, you can’t start out as a professional until you have some actual experience under your belt.  Think of any athlete and profession – the big bucks go to those who practice. (For ideas, download my free Home Business Success Blueprint for 2011.)

At the same time – in addition to your daily prospecting – begin creating just one piece of content per day to create residual traffic online (so people can begin to find you in the future).  The reason you want to create this content online is because it’s generally cheaper, easier to access and gives you much more exposure and generally will be around for a long time, assuming your content has value (and isn’t just junk).

The internet is primarily an engine built on content and social syndication – essentially the sharing of information.  So you want to create information to get in front of people.  You can do this in less than 1 hour a day – just put something up everyday.  You won’t get a huge surge in traffic immediately – it doesn’t happen overnight.  But in 6 months to a year it will take off if you’re consistent with it.  You don’t have to understand it all, just do it and you’ll receive the benefits of it.  It’s a gradual process that builds and compounds over time which really helps you to establish a presence online, it gives you authority.

One article a day may not seem like much after one month, but after a year you’ve got a whole book!  What’s even better than publishing a book though is that you will have a massive 365 days worth of multiple exposures as opposed to just releasing a book one time (or even re-releasing it and updating it a few times).  The same is true with video – 365 videos in a year could be an entire TV series worth of educational content that you can get exposure to 365 days a year, instead of 12 or 20 hours or whatever all at once.  Remember, relationships are built over time!

As you get this content out there on the internet and you’re creating leads, you’ll find that once you’ve reached critical mass – where you have so much content out there, you now are seemingly creating leads automatically – your lead count will continue to increase whether or not you put any more content out there as your previous content continues to work for you – that’s the power of residual online traffic!

Advanced Residual Income Business Tips – Content Syndication

Once you start achieving success and have a group of say 200 people, your content – articles, videos, audios, documents, etc – now helps to educate and train your team AND also serves as marketing content to attract more traffic.  Not only that, but your content starts getting shared virally and syndicated across the internet because if it’s good content your team and your prospects will want to use it to build their business to share with their prospects as well.

So where as in the beginning you have to be the one to create your content and market it, promote it, syndicate it – spinning plates basically – but over time, as you achieve success you will no longer need to spend as much time or energy to syndicate or promote your content as it will happen automatically – and in a much bigger way than you could do on your own anyway (equals more results for less time and energy spent!).

(What if you don’t have a group of 200 yet?  You can use a similar strategy to get you there faster which is by tapping into a syndication tribe which virtually achieves the result of syndicating your content across the internet with a group of 200 people, they’re just not YOUR people, but rather people with a similar goal of getting their content out there as well.  Of course, with a tribe everyone works to help syndicate each others content so it’s a little more work on your part than if your team was syndicating your content on their own, but if you don’t have a team of 200 to do that yet, this is definitely a strategy you can implement today to help you get there faster and get tons more exposure – great way to leverage your efforts!)

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