Instant Rewards Review – Can You Really Make Money with Instant Rewards?

This Instant Rewards review will help you learn whether or not you should get involved with Instant Rewards as a way to make some extra money.

If you’re looking for a ways to make extra money, you’ve probably run across the Instant Rewards program (but if not, this Instant Rewards review will fill in the details for you).  Their unique selling proposition of course, is that it can be free to signup and make money without spending any money.  That’s everyone’s dream – to make money without having to ever spend any money, right?

If that’s what you’re looking for, good news!  You can join Instant Rewards without paying any money and be able to make $60 per person you refer to the service (and they don’t have to pay anything either).  That is how you make money with Instant Rewards.

Instant Rewards Review – How it Works

Instant Rewards Review 300x208 Instant Rewards Review   Can You Really Make Money with Instant Rewards?Making money with Instant Rewards as previously mentioned is simple – you just need to refer other people to also signup for their own Instant Rewards account.  They simply need to signup for enough free new service trials (which can range from free to a few dollars, depending on the service) to qualify and then you get paid, instantly via paypal.  You can also earn higher commissions by trying out some of the paid trial services (like by paying $14 total as the guy in this video did to earn $120 commissions instead of just $60 commissions).

If you are someone who is low on funds or thinks you could be more successful selling something that is free than something that costs a little or a lot of money, Instant Rewards may be a way for you to add some additional income around your schedule.

Instant Rewards Review – the Difficulty in Marketing a Free Program like Instant Rewards

While you won’t get the “I can’t afford it” objection in marketing a free program like Instant Rewards, there are some other drawbacks.  This doesn’t take away from the fact that you can make money with the program, however, before you decide to act on this Instant Rewards review, you really want to make sure you understand what you’re getting into.

  • First of all, the amount of work you put into getting people to signup for a free program so that you can make money is the same amount of effort – or even more – than would be required for getting people to signup for something that has a nominal signup expense.  That means you’ll likely make less money for the same amount of effort on your part, especially if a paid product, service or opportunity offers lots of value and is priced right.

For example, you could market a $25 blogging platform (with complete, comprehensive online marketing training which basically does all the selling for you) to the same people you would approach with a free program and probably get more people to pay you the $25 for the blogging platform because the sales presentation has been tweaked and perfected for you, requiring less time, energy and effort on your part to make more money.

  • Secondly, the commissions earned through Instant Rewards are one time earnings.  That means you have to keep finding more people to go through the signup process or you stop getting paid (versus marketing a service or opportunity with repeat sales which result in repeat earnings).
  • This brings us to the third item of marketing, because you have to get the word out there somehow to get the opportunity in front of more people all the time so you have more people who will join so you can get paid more.  Again, because there is no residual income aspect to the opportunity, you must continually get new people to signup to make more money.  One way around this is to seek out additional marketing training (like the marketing training offered here for all different types of marketing online and offline) or to join a system which offers the marketing training as mentioned above (which incidentally will also provide you with a high-performance blogging platform where you can blog to get the word out to more people).

Instant Rewards Review – Conclusion

So can you make money with Instant Rewards?  We’ll summarize this Instant Rewards review by saying yes, it is possible to earn money with Instant Rewards though it does have it’s limitations (namely, working harder for less money, no residual income ability, no streamlined sales process or system to help get the word out to get more signups).

Instant Rewards may be a great program to have in your arsenal to offer to other people you run into who are looking for a way to make money from home but perhaps do not even have $25 to get their own blogging platform and marketing system to really make money from home.  For some people it may be their only way to ge something started.  Again, they could use Instant Rewards as a stepping soon, a place for them to start at to begin to make a few commissions and then they’d have the money to get serious and make real money from home.  This concludes the Instant Rewards review.

pixel Instant Rewards Review   Can You Really Make Money with Instant Rewards?

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