Internet Marketing Strategies – How To Increase Rapport (video)

videocamera 150x150 Internet Marketing Strategies   How To Increase Rapport (video)Well, I finally did it; I’ve been blogging about internet marketing strategies for long enough, it was time.  Perhaps if you’re a frequent visitor to my blog you may have already noticed.

You see, to many people online, the world of the internet can be a mysterious, uncertain and scary place.  The power of this incredible network that spans the globe gives us each access to people, place and information never before possible prior to the internet and various internet platforms and software programs.  Because of this, people who are new to the internet or new to internet marketing strategies and the whole internet world altogether can feel quite overwhelmed and stressed out.

Because of this same reason, many people may attempt using the internet to help them leverage their internet marketing strategies, efforts or resources but quickly become so frustrated or “in over their head” that they freak out and decide to go back to what they know out of fear.

First of all, this is why you need a good system like My Lead System Pro (MLSP) to plug into – a system among other things provides endless amounts of marketing trainings on many different internet marketing strateiges BUT provides them in 60-90 min segments per topic so that you are more or less taking a class (or webinar) each time you want to learn a new topic.

This allows you to take small steps or take small bites. After all, how does one eat an elephant?  The same way – one bite at a time!  Learning internet marketing strategies is no different.  But I digress…

Due to the fact that most of the activities done online are behind a computer screen without any direct human back-and-forth interaction (ie, creating, submitting and distributing content, research, etc), plus with the incredible number of websites popping up all over the place on the internet today, it can seem to a new person like they’ve been dropped off in a the center of Hong Kong not knowing any chinese or knowing who to trust for reliable, accurate and useful information or help.

Internet Marketing Strategies to help you connect with your prospects:

This is how you stand out in the crowd.  This is how you develop rapport and trust with your prospects.  This is how you get people to like you, to want to follow you, to want to buy from you, to join you.  This is how you brand yourself…

By being real with them.  How do you do that online?  Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  And since videos are made up of thousands of frames of pictures, you could say a video is worth a million words or more.  But what’s more is what a video can really convey.

How many times have you sent an email and gotten the complete opposite response you were expecting?  Perhaps they interpreted your tone in a different way?  Perhaps they emphasized the wrong words in your message and got a completely different idea about what you had wanted to say.  A picture of course can convey emotion and if you include some words with a picture perhaps you can better convey your message more accurately.

But a video, that’s where it’s at.  Everything comes across in a video.  Your attitude, your mannerisms, your slang, your accent, emotion…  Just think about movies you’ve watched that have made you laugh out loud or others that have made you cry.  Words can do that too, but not as easily from someone you don’t really know who you ran across on the internet who lives halfway around the world from you.  They’d have to write for quite some time in order to achieve the same effect that could easily come across in a few seconds via video.  That is the power of video.

So getting back on point, I did it.  After all these articles and blog posts and marketing pieces and trainings, I’ve finally added a welcome video to my blog.  This way I can hopefully connect with more people as they hear my voice, see my face, hear my accent or mannerisms or slang, my chuckles, my mistakes – I’m human!  And that’s very relate-able.  I’m not just some robot sending out information harnessed from somewhere else on the net.  These blog posts and articles are based on information I have assimilated, studied, run across, experienced, etc.  But for some people, they may not believe that or fully understand that until they can connect the dots by watching a video.

With all that said, I am not a professional, trained, or skilled actor!  What you are about to see is the real me, in Florida this last weekend, off the cuff, camera in hand with the ocean behind me, trying to think and speak at the same time (as well as film!  Usually 2 things at once is my limit!) to provide some value and to let people get to know me a little better.  (Of course, the more videos you do the better you’ll be – even while filming and thinking at the same time!)   So enjoy my short video and let me know what you think!

Check out this 15 min video I created about different home based income options – visit this website: internet marketing strategies

pixel Internet Marketing Strategies   How To Increase Rapport (video)

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