Internet Marketing Strategies – The Top 27 Article Directories And “Link Juice”

articles Internet Marketing Strategies   The Top 27 Article Directories And Link JuiceOne of the best internet marketing strategies out there to generate free traffic and leads for your business is article marketing.  There are many, many benefits to article marketing but I want to get into specifics as far as getting the best results for the least amount of work, in other words, how to best leverage your time, money and energy to generate the maximum number of leads possible: internet marketing strategies worth your while!

If you’ve done any article marketing before or read up on how to market your articles, you know that creating high-quality articles with powerful information that provides great value to others is one of the best internet marketing strategies for helping you attract  visitors to your site, both from people searching for the keywords you use in your content and for your subscribers and followers looking to learn more.

However, having one perfect, super incredible powerful article on your blog or website is not going to retire you or provide any substantial amount of income for you.  That ONE article is not enough.  What you need is massive exposure.  You want to get your quality content out in front of as many qualified people as possible.  In this case, with articles, that would be people searching for the keywords you are writing about.  There may be millions of people online who would LOVE to learn the information contained in one of your articles.  But if you don’t implement internet marketing strategies that somehow reach out to them to let them know about you and your article, you’ll never get their visit.

So, as with other internet marketing strategies, the key is massive exposure.

And so how can you increase your exposure?  And for as little cost as possible? (Remember, we are trying to multiply our results in exchange for the least amount of resources which increases your overall return on those resources, allowing you to do that much more with those same resources)

As I’ve mentioned in other internet marketing strategies articles, one way to increase your exposure is to simply take your article and post it on every article directory you can find.  In theory, this will get your information out there and drive more traffic to your site and with all the articles on the net pointing back to your content (back links) this will also increase your search engine ranking with Google, resulting in even more traffic and exposure…right?

Well, not necessarily.  While this approach will definitely give your website more back links which will help to raise your search engine ranking (as opposed to not having those back links), it is only one component in the search engine rankings process.  What’s most important is the quality of those back links – rather than the total number of the back links (what sites those back links came from and the overall quality of that site versus just having lots and lots of random back links).

There is an important phrase called “link juice” which essentially is the currency of Google. Google looks at the power and quality of a site and will award some of that site’s “juice” to any site that the webpage is linked to.  The bottom line is, you want as many high power and high ranking sites linking to yours which allows you to share some of the “juice” of those more powerful, higher ranking sites to boost the ranking of your site.  Pretty neat, eh?

So there are two implications here with these internet marketing strategies.  First of all, realize that every page you link to on your blog or site is giving away some of your “juice” (in other words, you are giving it some of your ranking power which could actually lower your ranking)So be sure to only link to sites that truly add value or a real benefit to your readers and visitors.

Secondly, to increase your site’s ranking, you want as many of the top, high ranking websites out there to be featuring links to your site.  There are several ways to do this, which I’ll get into in a moment.

First though, let me let you in a great free tool I use to monitor the popularity and power of a website.  Alexa ( is a great free resource where you can check on the rankings of different sites.  When you first start a webpage for example, your alexa ranking may be in the high millions (out of all the websites in the world).  You’ll see there that Google is the #1 ranked site in the world, followed closely by facebook at #2 and YouTube at #3 (at the time of this writing).  There are many factors that go into the weightings but increasing the number of high quality backlinks (links with lots of “juice”) is a great way to help increase your site’s ranking.

But rather than have to keep going back to each time you want to check the ranking of a particular webpage, you can download the Alexa toolbar (at and have it display in your status bar (the bottom of your firefox browser where firefox tells you how much of your page has loaded when you click on a link).  Using this free tool, you’ll be able to surf the web as you normally do and when you come across a great site or article directory you can simply glance down to the bottom of your screen to look at what ranking that page has.

For example: if you’re at a Google page, the toolbar will read #1.  If you’re surfing around on facebook, the toolbar at the bottom will show #2, etc.  (This is how I track my own blog’s Alexa ranking each day.  Check it out for yourself, it’s quite fun to watch your blog increase it’s ranking several tens of thousands of places each day like mine does!  It’s like a countdown timer.) Just by getting your blog to rank under 100,000, the amount of traffic you’ll be getting from the search engines alone will keep you real busy!

So which of the internet marketing strategies do you use to get these top ranking sites to link to your website to give your page some high-quality “link juice?”

Well, this brings us back to article marketing.  As mentioned above, you do want to submit your articles to article directories.  But you may be wasting your time if you’re simply submitting your articles to article directories that are ranked in the high millions.  In fact, if those pages are ranked lower than your site, you potentially may even be lowering your ranking, which completely defeats the purpose of what you’re trying to accomplish.  You want to attract more traffic and get ranked higher in the search engine rankings.  So what I suggest you do is only submit your content to the highest ranking article directories to maximize your efforts and results.

Below are the Top 27 highest ranking article directories.  Notice is by far the highest ranking directory so you definitely want to make sure you are submitting your articles there (see down below to learn how to use even just the EzineArticles directory ON ITS OWN to create spectacular results…).

Top Article Directories


Article Director






















































































Submitting your content to these directories will save you time – especially if you’re manually trying to submit your articles to hundreds of different article directories.

So then comes the next hurdle: submitting original content to each directory to avoid the Google penalty for duplicated content. You need to “spin” your articles, or create similar but different versions of each article to submit to each directory so that the same exact article is not showing up on the web in two places.  If it does, Google will see that and basically only count those two identical articles as one.

To solve this duplicate article problem – and to help you further maximize the time you put into creating and submitting articles – I now use an article submission service that automatically submits “spun” versions of my articles to ONLY the best and highest ranking article directories as mentioned above to gain the maximum impact from my time and energy.  You can learn more about this article marketing service I recommend by clicking the following link: Smarter Article Marketing

If you’re new to Article Marketing or want to learn about why I think Article Marketing is one of the best internet marketing strategies out there, fill out the form below and I’ll give you exclusive access to a FREE 60 min video training on how to use ALONE to create tons of free traffic and free leads for your business (imagine if you applied this technique to the top 26 ranked article directories as well).  Just fill out the form below for FREE instant access to this video training now:

pixel Internet Marketing Strategies   The Top 27 Article Directories And Link Juice

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