List Builders and Safelists – Are You Missing Out On The Profits?

List builders and safelists (or safe lists) are basically just advertising co-ops where you can blast out short email ads to a list of tens of thousands of people.  But with the popularity of the social media sites, blogging, web 2.0 sites… is email marketing an effective way to build your business and make money from home?

listbuilders and safelists 211x300 List Builders and Safelists   Are You Missing Out On The Profits?First of all, let’s dig a little deeper into the details of List Builders and Safelists.  These “lists” that you’re marketing to are not random email addresses that were just scraped or harvested off the internet.  These lists contain people who have not only opted in to these lists, but they are also other marketers and home based business builders looking to further and grow their businesses, which is why they signed up to join the list.  So when sending your emails out with a list builder or safelist program, your emails are actually going out to your target market, people who have shown an interest in making money from home, a home based business, marketing online, etc (vs home business seekers who are just “looking” but may not be ready to pull the trigger on anything).

Now of course, there are people who will join a list builder or safelist and not use their primary email address so your response may not be as good as if you were getting your emails into the main email account, however many will still use their primary email address.  A good reason for this is that when you view the emails that are sent to you as a member of one of these list builder or safelist programs, you can earn credits which allows you to email out your ad to that many more people.  Either way, the type of response you can get using a list builder or safelist is typically from 0.25% to 1% response.  That may sound low, but when you’re mailing out to thousands or even tens of thousands of people every couple of a days, that add up to a lot of leads or sales.

List builder / Safelist example

For example, suppose you choose to join a List Builder and are able to send out 10,000 emails every 3 days.  10,000 emails x 0.25 – 1% response = 25-100 leads per mailing!  In a month, if you stuck to the schedule and sent out your advertisement every 3 days you could have sent out 10 advertisements (30/3 = 10) x 25-100 leads per mailing = 250-1000 leads a month of targeted prospects.  That’s as many as 33 leads a day from ONE list builder – what if you joined 2 or 3 or as many as 15 or 20 so you could be sending out your ad 3-4 times a day?

So as you can see, joining a list builder or safe list program can be a very effective way to generate leads and create sales by simply sending out short advertisements about your business, product, service or opportunity on a regular schedule (every so many days, depending on which list builder(s) / safe list(s) you choose to join.

The key to maximizing List builder & Safelist conversions

So how do you maximize your List builder and safelist conversions?  Sending out good advertisements to so many people in your target market is the first step.  But once they click on the link in your ad, where do they go?  The most effective way for you to do any advertising, with list building, safe lists or any other online or even offline marketing is to capture leads and build your own list.  That way, you don’t waste your efforts with a one-time mailing; you can capture your interested prospects information and continue to market to them in the future, sending them additional offers and multiplying your income.

The second step though is to have a high-converting sales presentation once you’ve captured their email address to direct them to that will produce sales.  Because even if you’re able to persuade them to leave their email address, they are a hot prospect at that time, you’ve peaked their interest and need a high-quality, high-converting sales process that will convert as many of those leads as you can at that time to make as much money from those sales as you can (and then you can follow up with those who don’t join right away later, using an auto-responder that will automatically drip emails to them every so many days).

Once you have those components in place, all you need to do is just tweak your ads by changing a word here or there to try and get an even higher response and capture that many more leads through each List Builder or Safe List mailing.   Then, in the future, who knows – you might even have a list large enough to rent out to others and create your own list builders / safelists program as well to create yet another income stream.

pixel List Builders and Safelists   Are You Missing Out On The Profits?

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