MLM Recruiting – People Join People, NOT Companies

MLM Recruiting Is A Relationship Building Process

relationship building 150x150 MLM Recruiting   People Join People, NOT CompaniesYour prospects may prefer one product over another or one compensation plan over another, but the underlying desire for most in the MLM home business industry is to create home based income.  Simply buying a product or having a certain compensation plan isn’t necessarily going to make anyone any money. You see, people join people, not companies or products.  They join because they like, respect, trust and/or believe the person they go into business with can help them move toward their goals and dreams.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t sign up!

When it comes to MLM recruiting, people trump products

If you have a prospect who is 100% focused on a particular product then that person isn’t a really prospect for you anyway.  To build a profitable MLM home business, you need to focus your MLM recruiting around finding people who want to actively build a business and actively make money.  This will represent only about 20% of your entire organization – you need the product buyers as well – but the ones that are going to help you grow your organization and duplicate your business and increase your check are the one’s you want to focus on.

One of the biggest factors for MLM Recruiting Success

So why should anyone go into business with you?  For real MLM recruiting success, your prospect must be sold on YOU first.  Again, if your prospect doesn’t want to be in business with you, it doesn’t matter how good your MLM home business is anyway.  It’s not just about being credible, knowledgeable or being an expert – yes, you do need to have some idea about what you’re doing because people won’t follow the blind but that’s what systems are for.  You just need to be able to lead people in the right direction, to the right training, the right team or the right support.

Besides, everyone on the internet these days in the MLM home business is some kind of an MLM recruiting expert or know-it-all already…

So how do YOU stand out from the MLM home business crowd?

Well, while people need that MLM recruiting and MLM home business building information – and they do, desperately – they are NOT looking for another JOB or miserable boss to tell them what to do.  They want to get away from that – that’s likely one of their problems!  What they want is to feel alive and inspired and excited about something, like building a business and using the internet and all the great things that can come from that.  And it can be quite lonely if they’re trying to figure it out on their own – make them feel compelled to want to contact you out of pleasure (by associating success, happiness, social, excitement, fun, etc) and not because they are trying to avoid pain (fear of failure, ridicule, bills, debt, etc).

Think about any of the YouTube videos that you can remember, any of them that you’ve ever seen online that stick out in your memory.  Odds are you remember them because they were funny, entertaining, light-hearted, happy, fun, etc.  Who would you rather follow: someone who’s excitable, energetic and fun or someone who’s boring, condescending, demanding, stressed out, etc – get the picture?

This is a relationship business.  So go out with an attitude to help people and to serve them and remember you are building a voluntary army.  These are not your employees and you cannot threaten them or force them to work – so don’t go looking for employees.  Look for other leaders or other people who you can bring the leader out of them.  Be gracious, happy, and friendly in your MLM recruiting and in general while building your MLM home business and watch your numbers double and a whole new wave of momentum take off for you – and you may even enjoy it!

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pixel MLM Recruiting   People Join People, NOT Companies

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