Why Your “Reason WHY” is NOT As Important For Home Based Income Success

You know the stats: 97-99% of everyone attempting to build home based income fails.  Why is that?

There are many reasons for this, from not talking to enough people (due to the fear of not knowing what to say or how to go through the numbers to sift prospects from suspects), to not having a solid blueprint to follow or a leader to guide them…  But most uplines and trainings usually begin by citing that someone’s reason WHY isn’t strong enough.

I don’t buy that one though. Yes, it is important to have a strong reason why, it is important to know why you want to succeed, why you want to make lots of home based income and have the free time.  But once you have consciously established that, is that all you need to succeed?

gas burner Why Your Reason WHY is NOT As Important For Home Based Income SuccessNo. From my experience over the last 12 or so years, I have found that having a strong reason for doing the business is the equivalent of a pilot light on a gas appliance.  The “reason WHY” keeps the pilot light lit, keeps it from going out.  But the pilot light will not heat your water, cook your food, dry your clothes or do anything but cost you a few bucks in gas each month.  I find that with a strong reason why, even the strongest winds are unable to completely put out the flame, and that flame may continue to burn for years…yet have nothing to show for it.

On the other hand, without a pilot light burning, no amount of gas will make your gas appliances function: it won’t heat the water in your hot water tank, cook the food on your stove or dry the clothes in your dryer.  You need the pilot light but it’s adding gas to the pilot light that creates the heat, that creates a real fire to give you the results you’re after (be it hot water, cooked food, dry clothes or financial freedom in this case).

And what then is the gas?  What is the source of fuel that creates a real flame?

In a word, BELIEF.  I’ve touched on this in a previous article entitled “3 Must-Have Beliefs for MLM Home Business Success” but more specifically, I’m referring to belief in yourself, in your own abilities, in your actions and in the results that will come from your actions.

You see, when you have belief, anything is possible.  The world is your oyster.  When you have belief in yourself and your abilities you are confident, strong, smiling, happy, optimistic – and other people can feel it!  In fact, it’s contagious.  When you are full of belief your home based income prospects on the other end of a phone call can feel that confidence and belief in your voice.  And they want it!  They too also want to have that kind of belief, they want to know why you are so confident and automatically assume subconsciously that what you have to offer them may also help them to become full of belief like you!

This is a very powerful concept.  Yes, you can go through the numbers and just talk to more people and in fact, this very action will help you build belief because when your pipeline is full of prospects – when you have so many people to talk to that the response from any one person really doesn’t affect you – it helps you believe, it gives you confidence.  But there’s other ways to build belief as well.

Home Based Income Attitude Check

Firstly, how is your attitude?  Are you often depressed, sad or miserable?  Are you frequently bored, tired or indifferent?  Any of these attitude issues can be addressed by changing the programming in your head.  Even if you don’t think you have an attitude problem, with all the negativity in our world today, why not ensure you have the best programming possible to achieve success, to reach your dreams and goals faster and easier and overall live a more enjoyable life?

To start, you need to interrupt the thoughts currently stuck in your head and change the things that you say to yourself.  There’s a powerful book I read years ago that helped me change my self-talk by Shad Helmstetter called “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself.”  In this book you’ll find many different self-talk “speeches” so-to-speak that you can read and/or record (specific way to do this that is outlined in the book) to play back to yourself throughout the day and/or when you’re going to bed that will change your bad programming to the thoughts more conducive to helping attract to you the things you want in your life instead of attracting the things you don’t want (yet you keep thinking about them subconsciously, thereby attracting that into your life instead).

Still to this day I like to listen to this self-talk speech (13 min or so that I have as an mp3 on my iphone) to ensure my thoughts and my subconscious are taking me in the direction that I want to go, and not just reacting by default (you’ve got to be proactive to put more GOOD in your head than all the NEGATIVE that bombards us each day over the internet, phone, tv, conversations you overhere, commercials, ads, you name it!).

In addition to reprogramming your self-talk, look around you to see who the 6 people are that you spend the most time with.  This is important because your income and your life is the average of those 6 people whom you spend the most time with.  (There’s a trick to this that I reveal in another article I wrote: “How To Increase Your Likelihood For Creating Wealth” for those who don’t want to get rid of the 6 people in their life their currently closest to)

Be sure you are continuing to also feed your mind daily with inspirational books and audios to continue to feed and reinforce this new mindset you are programming yourself with.

Read at least 10 pages a day, but an hour or more if possible, and be sure to listen to at least 30 min of good positive audio every day as well.

This is simple – just upload this audio content to your smart phone or plug the cds into your cd player whenever you drive.  Then throughout the day your brain will be processing this information and these great ideas and how to assimilate them into your life rather than focusing on all the bad stuff, the wars, crimes, debt, foreclosures, car accidents, etc.  You don’t need that stuff in your life, do you?

No, you need time freedom to spend with your kids, to take your spouse on vacation, to be able to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries in style, to have the things you want when you want them without having to tell your kids that they can’t have stuff because you can’t afford it.

All that negativity and crap WILL NOT TAKE YOU CLOSER TO YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS.  So just cut it out and replace it with content that will.

Simple, right?  Then do it!

So as you can see, your reason why is important.  You have to know what you’re doing all this for.  But once you know that, you’ve got to build your belief so that you know you can do what it takes to be able to achieve your reason why and more importantly, you’ll actually do it!  A strong reason why will keep the dream alive but it’s the strong belief that will get you up to do what is necessary to achieve your reason why and make it a reality.  So build that belief, turn up the gas on that pilot light and watch the flame grow.

Are you fired up?  If not, now you know what to do to turn up the heat on your home based income business!

pixel Why Your Reason WHY is NOT As Important For Home Based Income Success

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