Short on Time to Build Your Residual Income Business?

In my previous post, I laid out the 7 step online process I use for building my Residual Income Business

…but what if you only have 2 hours in a day to build your residual income business?

timewarp Short on Time to Build Your Residual Income Business?Then obviously you will not be able to do all 7 steps, especially if you’re just starting out. It will take longer for you but at the same time you can also outsource some of these activities and/or purchase programs, services or software that can do some of this work for you as well. But, if you’re limited on time and money, I’d suggest your main focus be to prospect as you go about your day – remember that is the most important activity!

If you’re so busy that you only have that limited amount of time to build your residual income business, then you must be interacting with or around people throughout your day and if nothing else you’ll pass by places where people will be. Think of some creative ways to get promotional material in front of people – remember it’s all a numbers game.

The other thing is, prospecting as you go about your day is actually a more duplicatable way to build a residual income business to create home based income…

Think about it: do most people out there work?  Are most people busy and stuck in the same position you are?  Therefore, if you can make it work, you can show others how they too can make it work like you did.  And when you’re catering too the masses in that way, you increase your odds of success – more numbers!   And to be honest with you, my experience has shown overwhelmingly that the busier someone is prior to them getting started with their residual income business, the bigger, faster and more profitable of an organization they’re able to build over others who have lots more time.  The numbers don’t lie…  So get some creative marketing out there to generate leads offline in your local market each week – you can do it!

But if you really want to get your residual income business online and take advantage of the 1.5 billion people online as well…

My advice is to start out simple.   In addition to your offline prospecting and marketing efforts:

  1. Create one good piece of high-value content a day, every day (an article on or your MLSP article hub, a good video on youtube, etc), and
  2. Setup a facebook account as a means of being able to connect with people online.

That is a good place to start.  Don’t waste your precious and very limited time setting up a blog – that will come in time but early on a blog can suck up so much time it’s really not worth it the beginning (you need to spend your valuable time prospecting and talking with people!) unless you have days worth of free time to be able to set aside in case you accidentally press the wrong button and completely mess up your blog – I’ve done it countless times!  (One other thing to keep in mind – your team will duplicate what you do!)

Whatever you do, you must keep the big picture in mind at all times.

Keep that dreamboard where you can see it so that you can have at the front of your mind WHY you’re doing this so that when you find yourself drifting off in facebook land at a time when you could have been and should have been prospecting, you’ll catch yourself and get back on track.  It’s easy to get distracted online, so stay focused – even keep a timer next to you that alerts you every so many minutes so you can look back and see what you’ve accomplished to make sure you’re only doing productive and profitable activities.

Look at it this way: you can surf the net, watch the news, check your email again for the 34th time, play facebook games and other time wasting activities in 2-5 years when you’re living in your dream home, working around your schedule with tens of thousands of dollars pouring into your bank account each month whether or not you work due to your decision to work your business now.

Is it worth it to you?  What will your life look like in 5 years if you don’t do it?  How will that feel?  The choice is yours…

pixel Short on Time to Build Your Residual Income Business?

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