Starting A Business From Home – For Lifestyle and Freedom, Not Slavery

Many people today are learning about the many advantages of starting a business from home because let’s face it, life right now for many is tough!

The Major Problem Most Face with Starting a Business From Home

Ironically, many people looking at starting a business from home to create more independence in their life end up working from home, yes, but instead of creating freedom or a more enjoyable lifestyle, they instead slave away, spending all their available waking hours on the phone essentially telemarketing (trying to prospect and make sales in order to make a few measly commissions), 3-way calling (again more selling), driving all around their town or state going from meeting to meeting to meeting, or some other time-consuming, wasteful task…

Is that what you envisioned when you saw yourself starting a business from home?  Were you looking for a more difficult, less enjoyable “job” essentially that took more and more of your energy just to keep it going?

Of course not.  You wanted to create more income so you could actually free up your time and enjoy more of life, to be able to be around your family and loved ones with more money to spend more quality time with them, go on more vacations and all around live a better life.  That’s why you’re looking into starting a business from home, right?

So how do you avoid this trap when starting a business from home?

First of all, make sure you are very clear with exactly what you want to get from your business.  You have to know that the business you start actually has the potential and ability to actually create leverage for you (and not keep you trapped, having to work more and more with no realistic end in sight), where you can be earning more and more and be doing less and less over time.

Obviously, in the beginning, you will be required to put in a great deal of effort and energy to get your business off the ground.  But if you’re consistently focused on and doing the things that actually produce results, you can be into a nice profit quicker than you think with the tips outlined below without taking on more and more work as your business grows; you should be able to scale out and spend less time and yet still create more results.

How To Best Utilize The Internet for Starting a Business From Home

One of the smartest ways today leverage your resources and free up your time today in starting a business from home is by utilizing the internet.  You could sell your services but the problem with that is you have to keep doing the work in order to get paid.  Obviously, there’s a limit to what people will pay for your time, and a limit to how much time you have available – especially if your goal is to spend less time working and make more money.  So if you want to maximize your freedom and lifestyle, you probably want to focus on starting a business from home that allows you to make money without YOU having to be directly involved or present to make money.

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One way to go about this is to brand yourself or your product and build a sales funnel around that.  Of course, you must first develop a good quality product with high value that people will want to buy or alternatively you can sell affiliate products (quality products others have already created and are willing to pay you a 20-50% commission on or so for selling it).  A great way to learn to do either of these – how to learn to market online basically – is through the great education, training and tools provided here (which evidently is how I learned to market online and create over 6-figures worth of sales from building a simple website).

Be forewarned however, that although you’re able to leverage incredible training, tools and technology, trying to learn all the different aspects of marketing online from scratch isn’t something that will happen overnight – it will take time to learn and master before you’ll likely be producing any results, unless you have prior internet marketing experience.  This border-lines on the slavery model therefore for those who are not careful.  If you keep it simple though and just focus on your goals and creating results and don’t get distracted by all the different customizations and options, you can do very well, brand yourself, and of course create multiple streams of passive income so you can create that freedom.

But, if you’re intimidated by technology, brand new to marketing online or just want a simpler approach, you can just focus almost exclusively on marketing (and thereby drastically reduce the amount of time before you start producing results) by taking advantage of a newer, less-known hybrid-model that allows you to offer high-quality, high-value products along with a high-converting sales funnel and capture pages – a complete system, basically – so you can just direct internet traffic (people) through your marketing and promotions (which you learn to do as you go, via the system trainings and products) and let the system do the work for you.  You do the marketing on the front end, and earn high-paid commissions as your traffic automatically converts to leads who then convert to sales – and all for less than $50.  You can then add other products on the back end to make even more money if you like as well.

If there ever was a perfect example of starting a business from home to create true freedom, it would be this model.  Remember, your time is limited, there’s only so much of you to go around.  Therefore, knowing you have limits to the time you have, you won’t be able to reach your freedom goals if your business is personality dependent.  You want a system-dependent business so that you have new leads and sales going on with or without you due to the sales funnel being automated with high-converting sales presentations and high-value products that are in high demand.  People like to buy, so all you need to do is simply identify your target market (the traffic) and show them (through your marketing or ads) where to go to find the answers or solutions to their problems (the products you have for sale).

So forget making endless prospecting calls, going from meeting to meeting or having to try to pitch your friends and family to help you out.  None of those are sustainable business models because you have to keep doing them in order to keep your income from decreasing.  Instead, focus on starting a business from home that actually lets you work from home (or as you travel on vacation if you want), leverage your time as your business grows (instead of trap you in it), and make you more money over time as you spend less and less time working your business so you can finally create the freedom and lifestyle that you deserve.

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