The Truth About Online Marketing Strategies And MLM Home Business

truthexitsign1 e1297755935741 300x300 The Truth About Online Marketing Strategies And MLM Home BusinessI wanted to write a quick blog post to help address a lot of the confusion and misunderstanding out there about what internet marketing really is, what it has done for the MLM home business model, and how it should be integrated (and no, contrary to the hopes of those looking to get-rich-quick, it does not replace the “traditional” MLM home business building approaches it merely enhances, speeds up and increases your results, when done correctly).

First of all, internet marketing consists of using tools, tactics, systems and strategies to help you leverage the technology, accessibility, speed, convenience, information and much more using the internet.  Now before you get overwhelmed, just realize that the internet itself is simply a tool, nothing more, nothing less.  A lot of people mistakenly believe that it allows you to become fully automated where you can just press a button and walk away and automatically you will be rich in no time and continue to earn over time without having to do virtually anything.

Now of course, deep down everyone knows that is not true.  Sure, it’s nice to think that for the price of a $5 lottery ticket we can also become a millionaire overnight as well.

The truth is success with an MLM home business – as in any field and with every endeavor – takes work.  Bottom line.  There is no getting around it.

…But when I say work I’m not talking about difficult work or work that is HARD to perform.  Open-heart surgery? That is hard work.  Putting out a house in flames – THAT is hard work.  Putting your life on the line to serve and protect our country in a hostile war zone – THAT is hard work.

Making phone calls, showing presentations, showing people how to make money – that is NOT hard work.  (Here’s a small caveat: it’s only hard if you’re thinking about it all the time because you’re not actually DOING it…)

And just like it was decades ago when the MLM home business model first began, the business still revolves around prospecting and connecting with people, showing presentations and then training the new people that come aboard how to do the same.  The individual strategies and techniques may have evolved or changed but the fundamentals remain the same.  This is why you’ll find people still today earning large checks from their MLM residual income business they worked 30 years ago or more.

However, the residual income business or “plan B” approach of building up an income producing asset on the side and actually creating wealth instead of just collecting a monthly paycheck is a process that the industry used to describe as taking 5-10 or more years to develop.  Compare that to the old outdated “plan A” – otherwise known as the 40/40/40/40 plan where you used to expect that if you worked 40 hours a week for 40 years you’d be able to retire on 40% of your income with a 40kt gold watch…  Again, those days are long gone (people are finding out that they may not be able to afford to retire…)

And today this “Plan B” approach and time frame of working for 5-10 years to create this walk-away residual income and lifestyle that most people can only dream about has now been reduced and sped up for those integrating the internet with their business.  You will find countless industry top earners today making $30,000 – $50,000/month after having only been in the industry a couple of years; many in fact are creating this multiple 6-figure residual income in 12-18 months.

What’s caused this dramatic time warp?

Quite simply those who understand the MLM home business fundamentals of promote, present and train realize that the business for the most part is just a numbers game.  There is a certain percentage of the population at any given point in time looking for an opportunity to be their own boss, work from home, increase their income, save for retirement, increase their lifestyle, set aside money for a nest egg or their kid’s college tuition…and countless other reasons.  The point is, people are always looking, you just need to be able to find the people who are looking right now and get them in front of your MLM home business.

Could these people be within your circle of influence?  Might they be in your cold market?  Would they be people who surf the internet, troll Facebook each day, tweet on Twitter, search for answers to their problems on Google, etc, etc?  Well the only way to know for sure is to market.  You need to get your information out there into the marketplace and in front of people who potentially could be looking for just what you have to offer.  And with over 1.5 billion people online today, it’s easier, faster and cheaper (even free) to get in front of more people today than ever before.

Therefore, if you only need to get in front of so many people before someone joins you and you make money, how many people do you want to get in front of?  That is they first step and that’s where marketing online  can help you put yourself and your opportunity in front of more people than ever before so you can start receiving paychecks larger than you ever have before.  Like any sales funnel or pipeline, the more people that come through one end the more you’ll have coming out the other.

Simple enough, right?

But it’s not ONLY marketing.  The business is NETWORK marketing, and network implies some kind of communication.  You need to communicate with the people you get your information in front of.  This is and always will be a relationship business.  People join people, not companies.  No one wants to join a robot.  They want to know you are real.

And what’s the best way to let someone know you are real?

To TALK with them.  Doesn’t have to be in person, it can be over the phone or even over the web via web conference or web video but they need to at least hear your voice LIVE to know you are a real, live person who will be there to help and guide them to success.  Therefore, you cannot rely solely on your marketing or your computer to make you a residual walk-away income.  Yes, you may be able to make some money online for a while without picking up the phone, but as soon as you stop working to promote it, your income will dwindle down – all you’re doing is giving yourself a job.  The ultimate goal with a MLM home business in network marketing is to create that walk-away residual income where the business continues to profit and even grow with or without you.  That’s the definition of Kiyosaki’s “B-business” or big business on the right side of the quadrant.

So how do you maximize the power and leverage of the internet to boost your MLM home business income and shorten the time frame to reach the ultimate goal?

First of all, you want to focus your activities in just a few specific areas:

1. Marketing – to find people interested and then pre-qualify them by getting them to opt-in,

2. Prospecting – to get pre-qualifed leads flowing in on a regular, consistent basis that you can talk with and present your business to

3. Following Up & Getting Started – to be able to build a relationship with your leads & prospects to increase your sales, income and profitability.

That may seem like a lot of work but with the internet today you can automate and outsource a majority of those tasks so you can focus your time on the most important aspects like prospecting, connecting, presenting and getting new people started.  Again it is that crucial 20% where you need to spend your quality time as this is where the leverage, income and residuals are really derived from.

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