Video Marketing to Increase Home Based Income – Just do it!

Let’s be honest, filming a video of yourself for the world to see, whether that be to increase your home based income or for any other reason, must be right up there with the fear of speaking in public for most people (it’s a much bigger potential audience, that’s for sure, especially if your goal is to drive lots of traffic to your site!).

youtube pic Video Marketing to Increase Home Based Income   Just do it!First of all, it’s not really that bad.  See one of my first videos that I’ve posted down below…

But secondly, if your goal is to create a 6-figure home based income you will need to create a large residual income business, a large team of people following you and looking to you for leadership.  So what better way to practice than in an empty room with just you and a video camera.  You can take lots of takes and edit out all the big blunders.  Especially if building your business using the internet, you’ll likely in the future be hosting live webinars for your team or skyping them one on one to help them get their businesses going from time to time. You probably want to be familiar with that process to give your teammates confidence in your abilities.

Lastly though, video marketing is an incredible marketing method to drive lots of traffic to your site in addition to the other marketing methods you may be implementing.  It adds a touch of realness that no other medium can really quite duplicate, and this is part of the reason for the boost in results from this home based income creation method.

But, even for those who are still too camera shy to come out in front of the video camera, take heart because there is another type of video that you can do that will also help bring you incredible home based income results.

Screen Capture Videos – Another Video Marketing Method for Creating Home Based Income

Screen capture vidoes have become somewhat commonplace around the internet.  Essentially, they are powerpoint presentations with an audio recording of you going through the slides one by one.  But you can also do instructional or training videos with this video software that will allow you to capture all your mouse movements and screen actions so its as if someone is standing behind you looking over your shoulder onto your computer screen and hearing your voice.  These can be done live (like in a webinar format, ie, or recorded and edited like a normal video recording (Camtasia is one of the most popular software choices; CamStudio is a basic, free version), uploaded onto a video site like YouTube and you’re done!

The most important thing to remember is to just take massive action.  Whatever you do, decide to do something and do it consistently.  Don’t worry about trying to make the perfect video or to produce it to win an Oscar or something – that’s not how we get paid.  You do want to educate, inform or entertain with valuable content but when it comes to marketing your business online, more on a consistent basis is better than one perfect video – especially when you’re just starting off with this as one of your home based income strategies.  Create lots of videos and overtime you’ll naturally become better with this method (you’d be surprised how quickly you improve and adapt) and produce better videos at a time when you’ll have more prospects therefore your results and corresponding home based income will compound.

With all that said, take a look at one of my first videos below (I had a few extra minutes so I threw in a couple of surprises for you as well) – Enjoy…

So how did you like watching one of my first home based income videos?  Does it inspire you to become a master video marketer or Vlogger (Video Blogger)?  I’m curious what you thought – post a comment down below and let me know if you’d give it 2 thumbs up!  Thanks – until next time…

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pixel Video Marketing to Increase Home Based Income   Just do it!

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