Why An MLM Home Business Is So Tough

Building an MLM home business can be tough.  But it’s not what you think.

toughtimessign Why An MLM Home Business Is So ToughThe business itself is very simple.  Making money with an MLM home business week after week consists of only a few basic fundamentals: promote, present, and train.

There are  techniques and strategies you can implement and learn to give you better results, but if you go through enough numbers, if you talk to enough people and take them through the promote, present and train process, success will be yours – you can’t NOT be successful.

You’ve seen the success stories of others seemingly less talented and less likely to succeed, and you’ve heard all the sayings:

“You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person and you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.”

“Some will, some won’t, so what, who’s next?”

“More meetings means more money; more money means more meetings.”

So if all these things simple sayings are true, why is building your MLM home business so darn tough?

I mean if you’ve been building your MLM home business for any length of time, you know WHAT you need to do.  You hopefully know WHY you need to do it.  You should know HOW to do it (if you don’t, then download my Free MLM Home Business Blueprint to learn step by step HOW to do it).  You know all this stuff, yet you’re still not rich or living “on the beaches of the world” yet…

But if we dig a little deeper, I’d venture to say the problem is you’re just not DOING it…am I right?  (I don’t mean THINKING about it all the time, I mean really doing it, working it like you know you should be!)

As Jim Rohn says, if it’s physically possible to do something, then therefore it’s easy.  Getting rich is EASY.  I contend that making money and succeeding with an MLM home business is EASY.  But, if it’s easy to do, it’s also easy NOT to do – another great line from Jim Rohn.

Here’s the problem most have with their MLM home business: Fear.

Why are we afraid?  Sometimes it’s fear of success.  Afraid that if we actually do acheive the level of success we want that things will change around us, and being so used to a certain way of life, being able to count on a routine, schedule or lifestyle, it may totally throw us off or mess us up and in the end we could be worse off.  As human beings we are creatures of habit and therefore we crave certainty.  Although we may say we want change – we may think we want success, we want a better life, we want a happier marriage, we want a nicer car and a bigger house and to go on nicer vacations - yet the very opportunity to make all our goals and dreams come true,  the same type of opportunity we have seen countless others seize to shortly thereafter live their dreams, is right in front of us all set-up and waiting to be put into action to convert our goals into reality… but we don’t do it.

Part of the problem is we are way too comfortable – we have it too easy:

It’s the old dog that’s laying on the floorboard with a nail sticking up, howling for hours and hours because it’s in some pain. However, the pain is not intense enough for the old dog to get out of its comfort zone by literally getting up and moving to a better location where there’s no pain!  How silly, yet we do the same things – we are in just enough pain to howl, whimper and complain about it but not uncomfortable enough to take the necessary action to eliminate the pain!

But more often than not, it’s the fear of failure that most suffer from. Again, being human, we have the ability to think rather than just instinctually react; unfortunately we’re not always in control of the thoughts in our head.  Your subconscious for example takes in all the stimuli it receives from your different senses without filtering it and then acts on that information.  It’s the whole “garbage in, garbage out” concept.  Therefore, if you surround or subject yourself to a lot of FEAR – whether it comes from the discussions you have, the conversations you overhear, the TV or radio playing in the background, the lyrics in the music you listen to as well as the ideas and thoughts you actively place into your head and focus on – this fear will continue to keep you from moving forward toward your dreams and goals, bottom line (and let’s face it, fear is all around us today – you must actively protect your mind from it or by default you will be infected with it).  It will affect your attitude, your mood, the belief you have in yourself, your self-confidence and self-image, your posture – literally everything.  Your mind believes whatever you tell it or whatever it is being fed.

So first of all, eliminate all that stuff.  Change your associations and influences.  They can be totally paralyzing you.

Secondly, it comes down to belief: belief in yourself, belief in your MLM Home Business, and belief in the industry.  You’ve got to get your beliefs right.  I believe it’s this right here that is the major cause for most people’s inability to really make money in an MLM home business, their inability to be able to go after and reach their dreams and goals, because they are lacking in belief!

Because of this lack of belief – which stems from all the items above – people will join an MLM home business and be excited at the time but not fully commit to it, trying to just dip their toes in rather than jumping in with both feet.  You must realize that for success in anything in life, you’ve got to be fully committed.  And especially when it comes to building an MLM home business. The reason being that this business is all about YOU.  Your goal is not to build up your company, it’s to build YOU up.  You are not selling a company’s product you are selling YOU.  People join People, not Companies.  Therefore people must be able to buy into YOU.  So you must be ATTRACTIVE on the inside, you must have something of value, some qualities that would make them want to seek you out and join you.

What it takes for MLM Home Business Success

Do you think someone is going to stake their dreams and hopes and goals on someone who is just testing the water?  Don’t think you’re fooling anyone either, just because you may have said all the right things, the subconscious mind can pick up on your body language, your posture, your attitude, your conviction… you can’t fool others, you’re just fooling yourself.  This is why they say you can’t say the wrong thing to right person, and the right thing to the wrong person.  When someone is looking, it doesn’t matter what you say, it’s how it comes across.  If there’s passion in your eyes and determination in your voice, it doesn’t matter what words you use.  That person can feel your energy, your drive.  (And of course if they’re not looking, it doesn’t matter what you say because they’re not interested anyway – Next!).

They are looking for a leader, someone who can guide them and show them the way, someone that will be there that they can count on, who may or may not have all the answers but knows where to look and is committed to their success.  Leadership is what’s attractive.  And what is a leader?  A leader is someone who’s in it for the long haul, someone who has a vision for the future – they’re not waiting for something to go wrong so they can jump out.  A leader has an attitude that they don’t need any one person, they need people and are going the distance with or without any one particular person.  A leader’s not jumping from one ship to the next, they are focused, consistent and disciplined and taking action on a regular basis.  These are the qualities that make a leader a leader.

Anyone has the capability and ability to become a leader.  It starts with a decision, a choice.  First you must commit to success, commit to doing whatever it takes until you achieve success, no matter how long it takes, what people say, what the economy does, what your friends and family say, no matter how difficult or how easy it may be, you’ve gotta be in it all the way to win it. That is attractive.  People want to work with someone who has that level of seriousness.  It doesn’t matter where you came from, how much money you made or didn’t make, your experience, background, gender, age, religion – none of that matters.  What matters is that you’re human – and that’s also why you can’t just sit behind a computer and expect to make millions with an MLM home business because you’re acting like a robot!  People can’t connect with robots or people pretending or acting like robots!  So act like a human and connect with people.

MLM Home Business Top Earners and You

Do you know what separates ALL top earners in this industry from you?  They simply take massive action.  They do the same 3 things: promote, present, and train.  It’s not hard.  It’s not difficult.  It’s easy.  And it’s easy not to do.  But I’ll tell you, when you have the right beliefs and you’re nourishing your mind with the right kind of mind-food that reinforces those beliefs that will serve you in helping you reach your goals and dreams, you’ll be unstoppable.  There will be nothing in your path keeping you from finally achieving your goals and dreams.  You’ll stop fighting yourself, you’ll not procrastinate and put off what you should be doing – the fear that’s stopped you all this time will disappear!  Your subconscious will work with you.   You will take action and do the things you know you should be doing in order to create the success and profits that you and your family deserve.

That’s what it’s all about.  THAT is the price for success.  Are you willing to pay it?  Is it worth it to you?

If nothing else, now you KNOW what it is that’s been keeping you from success all these years.  Through all those excuses and rationalizations and everything else, this is it.  And going forward, if you don’t see success, you will ALSO know WHY you are continuing to struggle (you won’t be able to rationalize or make excuses anymore – now you know!).  In fact, you might as well make it easier for yourself and just quit now if you’re not ready to take these steps to move forward, you’re only kidding yourself.  Until you take the simple, easy steps necessary to develop and maintain the correct mindset for creating wealth with your MLM home business, you’re betting on chance and hoping on luck – you might as well start playing the lottery.

When you get your head right, you’ll realize that ALL the top earners are human beings just like you.  No better, no worse.  They started out someplace just like you, some of them even worse off.  But along the way they were able to develop better habits and better beliefs that serve them and therefore are able to make millions of dollars by simply taking consistent action toward their goals.  Imagine your phone ringing off the hook with prospects calling you.  Imagine talking to prospects and enrolling several a day, every day at will.  Imagine making tens of thousands of dollars a week like clockwork with so much money coming in you have trouble spending it, with checks flowing into bank accounts that you completely forgot about.  Imagine being able to travel and vacation around the world with just a phone and laptop (signing people up and making so much money is so fun you can’t go without it!)  Do you want that?  Are you willing to do what it takes to get there?  I’ve laid out most of it here in this blog post.  The secret is obtaining the mindset through the right influences and associations and daily mindfeed.

If you’re ready for MLM home business success, take the next step and learn more: Creating Wealth

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