The Rich Build Networks

Creating Wealth Secrets: Why Build Teams?

When it comes to building your fortune and creating wealth, you come to realize (eventually) that there are only so many hours in the day (24) – the same number of hours everyone has – yet some people are getting richer in those 24 hours while the majority are not… (in fact, most are often going backwards instead of forwards financially…).

What’s the difference in how The Rich utilize their 24 hours to get richer?

Is it that they’re working HARDER than you?  

Do you think a millionaire personally works 10x more than you (if you have $100k in net assets, for example) or 100x harder than you (if you have $10k in net assets) in the same day?  Or that a billionaire works 10,000 times harder than you (or 100,000 times harder, respectively) in the same 24 hour period?

Is it that they’re SMARTER than you?

Do you think a millionaire is 10x or 100x smarter than you?  Or that a billionaire is 10,000 times or 100,000 times smarter than you?

Of course not (on either count, regardless of your current net worth).

Perhaps The Rich simply think DIFFERENTLY…  (Perhaps they THINK BIGGER)

Here’s the creating wealth secret The Rich understand and utilize:

>>> Learning how to leverage your time – through systems and people (or teams, also called networks) – to make your one hour worth many hours.

The Rich Build Networks

In other words, imagine getting 100 hours of work done over the course of an actual 24 hours.  Or even better, being able to utilize the 8 hours a day you work (if full time, for example) to produce dozens or even hundreds of hours worth of productivity in that same period of time.

 (Imagine that instead of making, say, $25 an hour over 8 hours or $200 [gross], you could be making $10 an hour x100 hours or $1,000 from the efforts of your team in that same work day – which would you prefer?  Or have both!)

If you’re using systems and building a team, you could be leveraging the time you’re not working as well, letting your systems and people produce results, income and profits while you rest, play, travel, spend time with friends or family, or sit on the beach.

Utilizing a system where you can plug in other people to multiply your efforts and results without having to put in more time (and with some systems spend virtually NO time at all once those people are plugged in) is KEY to creating wealth.

You’ll never get rich trading just YOUR TIME for money; you’ve got to learn how to LEVERAGE YOUR TIME using systems and other people’s TIME.

And then there’s the TRIFECTA: utilizing systems that not only let you:

1) build and grow your own team or network but also help train and coach your team…

2) to further grow and expand the team or network, thereby…

3) exponentially COMPOUNDING your success and growth rate (WITHOUT compounding YOUR work rate or time input, in fact, it creates even more time for you) for even greater rewards and ultimately, freedom.

“Business and Investing are Team Sports”

Just as Payton Manning needs the 10 other players in front of him to win a game or title – not to mention his special teams unit, defensive units and all the “multiple strings” – successful business people and investors also need teams to help them create wealth.

Sometimes its in the form of mentors or coaches, or leaders who have an invested interest in your success who can guide you to success (just like the Bronco’s Head Coach, offensive coordinator, conditioning coach, etc, etc).  Other times its having a team go to work for you to produce activities and results you’d couldn’t accomplish on your own, helping you produce a much greater result (like getting a Superbowl Ring).

“The wealthiest people in the world look for and build networks; everyone else looks for work” – Robert Kiyosaki

Take a good look at your current situation:  

Are you trying to “win it” all on your own?

Do you have a team around you that can help you create the kinds of results you want in your life faster and bigger than you ever could on your own?  (If not, why not START ONE NOW?)

By tomorrow at this time, another 24 hours will have passed

  • Will your efforts in the next 24 hours have been multiplied to increase your wealth?
  • Or will you be pretty much where are you right now… just another 24 hours older?

Starting building a team, leverage your time and efforts and collapse time frames.

THAT is an important KEY in creating wealth.

>> If you’re wanting to learn more about a SYSTEM you can begin using to plug people into to reduce your effort and time inputs and be able to multiply your results and work outputs, just click here.


I appreciate you!

– Hans Schoff, aka “The REAL Hans
Information Age Entrepreneur & Marketing-Meister

Hans Schoff

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