Freedom to eat

Freedom to Eat – Is it ok to eat lunch at 4pm? Breakfast at 2am?

To some people that may seem wrong, because they were brought up to believe that you had to eat 3 square meals a day to be happy.

Is that the truth? What do you think?


The truth is, only you know what is right for you.  But is that a decision you are able to make?  Or is it made for you based on the lack of freedom you have in your life (due to your job, boss, business, etc)?

If you want to learn how you can choose to live life according to your schedule – like eating when you choose to – watch this video here:

To your freedom – I appreciate you!


Freedom to eat

Nat, Chip and I enjoying some food and libations in Miami


– Hans Schoff, aka “The REAL Hans
Information Age Entrepreneur & Marketing Meister

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PS> Leave me your thoughts and comments down below.  Have you ever thought about your meal breaks like this before?  Let me know down below, thanks! 🙂


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