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google bomb How to Google Bomb   Mastering Internet Marketing StrategiesYes, the Google Bomb: one of the most effective internet marketing strategies if you’ve got the influence to pull it off.  It’s been used in the past in the political arena even to crash targeted politician’s websites.  One person who seems to have a good handle on this technique is Alex Jones ( who regularly will leverage the power of his following several times a week of some 4 million people (radio show and website visitors) to drive an incredible amount of traffic to basically circumvent the main stream’s media control and flow of news and information.

Last Friday he was able to drive traffic about the TSA controversy, making it the most searched phrase on Google.  Earlier this week it was the term “Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver“, a campaign started by Max Keiser but promoted via Google Bomb by Alex Jones’ show; today you can visit and you’ll see another term “500 dollar silver” that Alex and Max have Google Bombed is (as of when this article was written) in the top 10 Google searchesquite an accomplishment with over 25 million searches for that term and considering Google is the top search engine in the world! That is the power of what internet marketing strategies contain!

Internet Marketing Strategies – Other People Have Capitalized On The Google Bomb Tactic As Well

Glenn Beck also uses this Google Bomb technique in a similar way by promoting the books of his guests on his Fox News show which more often than not shoots these books to the Number 1 position within the NEXT DAY on Amazon (to the top selling book from usually a ranking on Amazon of 500 or so the day before going on his show; his show gets 2 to 3.5 million viewers a day just for that Fox News program). Oprah, with her massive exposure and influence through her magazine, her show and other functions has also helped many people, authors, and others become overnight sensations or top sellers with her endorsements.

So specifically how is the Google Bomb, one of the most powerful internet marketing strategies out there, actually implemented?  It’s actually very simple and very easy – if you have the influence and audience to make it work.  You essentially get millions of people to all take the same action within in a relatively short period of time.  This amount of activity creates a media frenzy, a whirlwind sensation and lots of buzz, splashing across everywhere all at the same time.

In the case of Alex Jones, by driving that much traffic (millions of searches in a day) to certain keywords at a given point in time, he’s able to force his content into the mainstream media so that other news sources have to pick up on it because it starts showing up on all over the place as it gains momentum and goes viral (as they realize that if they don’t pick up his popular stories, those media outlets will lose viewers as they lose relevance once the story breaks anyway).  This tactic is helping the alternative news media compete with the much better funded and more established monopoly of  main stream media and eroding their market share and almost deregulating that industry from the outside.

Pretty powerful, right?   It’s exactly one of the internet marketing strategies Alex Jones frequently uses to take his relatively small show and compete with the big boys – and it works like gangbusters!  Regardless of whether you share his views or not, it is quite an impressive feat to behold (and week after week, no less!).

How Internet Marketing Strategies like the Google Bomb are Implemented

After experimenting with the Google Bomb technique on his show, Alex Jones’ listeners became familiar and educated with the technique and through their participation are able to enjoy the power he gives them in helping to put-one-over the industry titans here and there and to get out the information and stories they feel are relevant and important for others to hear about.  Specifically, he simply lets his 4 million followers know what the new  keyword term for the day is (on his show) that he wants them to Google Bomb, a keyword which is a specific term relating to the news story that they want to expose and which he has previously incorporated into content on his website.

Then, when the millions of searches for that term come through the search engines immediately afterward, Google will then recognize that his site is most relevant (by design of the Google Bomb strategy) and so his site and content will feature on the first page.  As the news goes viral and other media outlets start reporting the story as well, his site gets even more exposure and he’s able to then get out whatever message he wants to the masses – literally - and in quick time (as long as his followers are on board with it, ie, as long as they are receiving some kind of VALUE from it all).  And as more traffic arrives at his site, the more people view the ads who sponsor his site and the more revenue he earns from it all.

Pretty simple way to market, eh?  Wouldn’t you like to have internet marketing strategies like that in your business?

Take heart!  A lot of the beneficiaries to this method were nobodies or no names to begin with, prior to getting their “lucky break” from being featured by such internet marketing strategies (or media marketing strategies for some).  Even Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” fame got his lucky break this way on the Oprah show about a decade ago.  Prior to that show no one even knew who he was.  After Oprah’s endorsement of his book on her show though he became a top selling author with the book taking the #1 best selling spot (and stayed there for several years in fact!).

So keep this Google Bomb tactic in the back of your mind as one of those internet marketing strategies you observe when you see these incredible surges in popularity seemingly overnight.  With the speed of the internet, things can happen this way literally overnight.  Keep your eyes open for your shot!

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