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Hans Schoff’s Must-Have Home Based Income Tools for Internet Marketing

The journey to financial independence is not an easy one. It will require strength, persistence, a serious commitment and a strong reason why. But to help you in your journey and to make it a little easier and to help you get there faster (notice I didn’t say overnight!), I have laid out a few tools that I have used that have helped me leverage my time, energy and resources. I believe in hard work, but I also believe in working smart!

I do not believe in promoting products just for the sake of promoting them. My number one goal is to build my home based business, and if you’re serious about achieving financial freedom that should be your top priority as well.

When building a home based or network marketing business, the key is duplication. You want your team to be able to duplicate what you are doing, to be able to grow a massive home based income. With that in mind, I have sought out ONLY the tools and resources ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for success in business building online to ensure my team can duplicate my results (and afford to do so!).

ALL of these home based income tools have been well researched and are the best in their class, and they come with the highest recommendation. If your goal is to only build your business offline, these tools obviously won’t be necessary.

Although some of these tools do cost money, realize TIME is your most precious asset and you only get 24 hours in a day – no matter who you are or how much money you make! I have found the leverage these tools and resources create greatly outweighs their financial cost; in fact for some of the tools, the one time up-front cost has provided me an infinite return as I continue to use them and get results from them over and over again. You can’t beat an infinite return!

My Lead System Pro

mlsp Hans Recommends

The Best MLM Online System that exists!

The first thing you need when trying to professionally market and build your business using the internet is your own personal Attraction Marketing System that brands YOU as a leader. There are many systems out there, but after much extensive and thorough research, I have concluded that without a doubt, MLSP is the very BEST of them all for creating home based income, the leader of the pack.

Not only does the system provide you with the SEO-optimized infrastructure to produce and market articles, it also has a Funded Proposal system built into it (a sales funnel) to help you attract, capture, sift and sort, build rapport and even enroll new prospectstalk about leverage! There really is no system out there that even compares.

Also it’s completely customizable so it looks to your prospects like YOU designed the whole thing. This system can help you generate 50 leads a day for your business, virtually automatically once you get it set-up, and they have tons of network marketing – and specifically internet marketing – training in the back office.

Unless you have an army of computer programmers at your disposal, you’d be crazy to try and build a home based income online without this system – literally!
Click Here To Learn More About My Lead System Pro

Market Samurai

market samuari Hans Recommends

As you begin writing and posting articles to market your MLSP site to create home based income leads, you’ll need a good keyword research tool to make sure you’re targeting the right market to help you maximize the number of leads you can generate and minimize your competition.  Without proper keyword research, you are shooting in the dark.  You must know who you are targeting because otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

Market Samurai is an excellent tool I use for my keyword research. There is a paid version of the software as well that can help you track your domains ranking progress but keep an eye on your competitors for your particular keywords.  You can use the tool for free if you just need keyword research – much more detailed than Google’s keyword tool.  You can even try out the paid tools by downloading the trial version.  Also, the site has great tools and resources that teach everything you need to about keyword research so you can maximize your home based income – highly recommended!
Click here to learn more about Market Samurai

Article Marketing Robot

article marketing robot Hans RecommendsOnce you have your system in place, the next thing you need to focus on is generating leads. You can create articles in your article hub of your MLSP site – that will be the location of your original article. One article on your MLSP site or blog is great, but what about reproducing that one article into thousands of similar but unique versions all over the internet creating thousands of backlinks to your original article (giving your articles and blog/website incredible authority so you can outrank the competition) – all automatically for maximum results?! That is precisely what Article Marketing Robot can do for you.

The software allows you to SPIN your original article into similar – but not duplicate - versions of the same article, thereby in effect creating thousands of pieces of original content. The software then takes these spun articles and blasts them out – automatically on autopilot – to article directories across the internet which increases your original article’s exposure (you simply point those spun articles back to your original article and MLSP lead capture page), which increases your popularity with Google and increases your page rank which in turn increases your exposure and drives more traffic to your MLSP sales funnel, allowing you to capture more leads which means more home based income.  All this from one piece of VERY powerful software. Again, work smarter by leveraging your time.

This one piece of software can save you hundreds and hundreds of hours in marketing and driving traffic to your site. (Remember, people won’t automatically visit your site just because you set it up, you’ve got to somehow drive traffic to it!)

There are other article software programs out there, but again in my research, for the tremendous bang for your buck, the effectiveness of the program, and awesome automation and time savings it provides, it simply can’t be beat. Nothing on the internet is remotely as powerful today as the Article Marketing Robot or is as simple to use or can do as mush as this one program can do. You will want to use this software every day to explode the traffic to your site. Imagine getting 5,000 unique visitors after just 5 weeks of using this softwarethat’s the kind of power and leverage we’re talking about!

article marketing robot free trial Hans RecommendsNeedless to say, I highly recommend this software is you are serious about building home based income using the internet. (Also, the software comes with great step-by-step training videos to help you become proficient with the software and become an article marketing pro) Click here now to learn more about or purchase Article Marketing Robot


AWeber Email Auto-Responder

aweber testdrive Hans Recommends

The Best Auto-Responder

With your MLSP marketing system in place, your marketing pieces (articles/content) increasing your exposure and beginning to drive traffic (via Automatic Article Submitter) to your site, you now need to start thinking about how you’re going to capture those leads and convert them into prospects. Your MLSP marketing system has everything in place – even a pre-designed custom 40-email campaign ready for you to send out to your prospects to begin the rapport building process. You now simply need to choose your LIST hosting provider.

What is a LIST? Your LIST is your number one asset when building a business online. Your LIST contains the product of all your marketing efforts: your captured leads! Your LIST is what you want to continue to cultivate and nurture so that over time your LIST will buy from you and your recommendations. Your LIST is the source of your future home based income!

aweber Hans RecommendsTherefore it is important to select a company that can safeguard your list and allow you to market to it and develop relationships with it (not to mention back it up or move it later on if you so decide- after all, YOU built it!).

Deliverability and tracking of the messages to your list is very important as well as you want to know how effective your messages are and how responsive your list is to them. For these reasons and many more I use Aweber to manage my LIST. They allow you to create an unlimited number of messages, auto-responders, broadcasts, even web forms to put on your different MLSP campaigns and pages to capture your home based income leads.

This auto-responder service integrates seamlessly with the MLSP system and with a few clicks you can be up and running with customized, high-response emails pre-loaded so that as soon as you begin capturing leads, your system will automatically start sending them messages to begin the relationship building process with you!

This is a very key component to your overall strategy and in leveraging your time and resources. (Plus, I believe right now you can test-drive the system for a month free.) Click here to learn more about Aweber

Magnetic Sponsoring

magnetic sponsoring product shot top system Hans RecommendsWith all your home based income systems up and running, it’s time to talk about strategy. Having come this far, with the knowledge and experience you already now possess regarding marketing and building a business using the internet, it’s time for you to leverage those newly acquired skills and education so you can become a pro. This is done through the law of attraction.

Rather than have to chase after people or beg them to join you, wouldn’t you rather use your home based income systems you have just setup to attract people and have them come after you? Chase YOU down? That’s the power of attraction marketing! Mike Dillard discovered this principle a few years ago and implemented into his network marketing business online and has since gone to make over $20,000,000 in home based income. You read that correctly: $20 Million!

He had created a training program for his team to use to duplicate his incredible results and has now released it to the general public in the form of this Magnetic Sponsoring course. It’s a power-packed, straight to the point, 90 or so page ebook, complete with videos and additional tools to help you implement attraction marketing in your business.

In fact, the MLSP system was created by students of Mike Dillard after applying the powerful principles and strategies taught in this course (that’s why the system works so well – it’s all about attraction marketing!). Check it out today, I highly recommend it: Click here to learn more about Magnetic Sponsoring and the power of attraction marketing


ADVANCED Home Based Income Resources

Once you have gotten the above systems and components up and running, here are a few other tools and resources you may want to consider to help you in taking your business to the next level.

GoDaddy Website Domains

The key to building your home based income LIST as mentioned above is the ability to brand yourself.  This is part of the whole attraction marketing concept as taught in the Magnetic Sponsoring course, but one of the best things you can do to professionally and visibly brand yourself is through a custom domain name.  Whether that’s your own name for maybe a blog you create to connect and share with your prospects or to brand your MLSP site with your brand of network marketing (like MLMAdvertisingHelp.com for example) or any other site or page your want to create, that first initial impression of your domain name is one of the simplest tactics to implement and can boost your home based income profits.  Search for your desired domain names by clicking here

Host Gator

hostgator 300x250 Hans RecommendsWhen you’re ready to setup your own blog or host your own audio, video or other files on the internet to maintain control of your home based income content, HostGator is one of the simplest, easiest to use and yet fully packed hosting provider out there in my experience.  Once you’ve set up your hosting service with HostGator, setting up a free WordPress.org blog is quick and easy to do and again allows you to be in control of your blog (versus some other company with the hosted blog sites like blogger or blogspot for example).  In addition, you can host an unlimited number of sites with one hosting service as low as I believe $4.95 a month.  Incredible value and great customer service in case you ever need technical assistance available 24 hours a day.  Click here to learn more about HostGator

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