what tennis taught me

What Tennis Tonight Taught Me About How to Get What You Want

So my wife and I were playing tennis this afternoon and it dawned on me…

So I whipped out my cell phone and shot a quick video for you to share with you the simple truth for what it takes to get what whatever it is you want…

…in life

…in business

…in your relationships

…in anything.

Watch it here now:

Also, last weekend in Miami was pretty transformational for me.  I’ll be sharing with you why over the next few days and weeks, sharing some of my personal stories, hurdles and obstacles I’ve overcome, lessons I’ve learned and how you can benefit from it all.

You can view the videos on my YouTube channel or facebook page but I’ll also be going into more depth and and turning them into blog posts over the next few days as well.

I appreciate you.


– Hans Schoff
Information Age Entrepreneur & Marketing Meister

Miami Freedom 2014 BTC

PS> We just got back from an incredible weekend in Miami which prompted many new breakthroughs and realizations for me that are already having a major impact not only on my business, but more importantly my life.

You can see what happened in Miami here.

Leave me your thoughts and comments below!  Thanks 🙂

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