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How to Accept the Challenges You’re Given. Choose to BE more

First off, this was a rather emotional video for me to make.

I usually don’t share things so close to my heart; I had some major obstacles and blocks that I had to overcome recently to allow me to become more open and be honest with myself and others.

I have had great ups in my life and many great downs.  It’s been a roller coaster at times.  

And while I used to just cover-up or gloss-over my downs and failures, I can now appreciate them and share them in the hopes that I can help to inspire, encourage, empower or even just touch someone else’s life.

Miami Freedom 2014 BTCI had some major breakthroughs this last weekend while at an empowering conference in Miami.  I went to it expecting to have a major breakthrough, but what I got out of it was even so much more than I could have realized.  That is the power of having the right team, the right group of people around you to help you overcome and get past whatever it is you need to get past.  (And in my 15 years of being in business for myself, never have I found such an incredible group of people)

The fact of the matter is, you DO have a choice in how you view your circumstances or challenges that may arise from time to time – or that you may feel you are constantly surrounded by.

Realize it is not by accident that you were put in those circumstances…  

Watch the video below to learn more about my experience with WHY we each are given different levels of challenges and obstacles and what it means… (powerful concepts here if you can get your head around it and really believe it… because it’s true!).

Watch the video below now…

Now that you’ve watched the video above…

Are you Ready for some irony?

…so after making this video and going about my day, feeling great, feeling empowered, I get a call…

One of our rental homes burst a pipe and the entire home is flooded with an inch of water and the water is still pouring in, full speed from a pipe that apparently split during the recent cold weather, freezing and then flooding the home once it thawed out.

How’s that for a test? 😉

I didn’t miss a beat.  I was able to get this totally unexpected, untimely situation taken care of without resorting to fear, stress, worry, or any of the many other emotions that I used to choose…

Because it is a choice.

The universe/god/infinite intelligence – whatever label you want to give it – sure seems to have a weird sense of humor.  But I appreciate it, and I’m grateful for the test.  Because it’s one thing to say this and talk about and another to actually LIVE it.  Granted, I’m not perfect and am not always able to maintain this power mindset, but when I can, and when I do, I begin to attract amazing things into my life.

So what is it that’s got you down?

What is it that you’ve given your power to, that you feel has power over you?

Make the decision to be grateful for that situation, any challenges you may be facing and realize you can’t know what level of greatness is waiting for you on the other side of that obstacle.  Appreciate it, accept it and move past it.  You are faced with challenges in order to help you grow and become the greater you that you were meant to be.  You are capable of so much more than you even realize.  So go after your dreams.  The life you want, wants you!

I appreciate you!

Hans and David in Miami BTC

Me and my Friend & fellow Liverpool-supporter David from New Zealand in Miami


– Hans Schoff, aka “The REAL Hans
Information Age Entrepreneur & Marketing-Meister

PS> Here’s a little sneak-peak into the powerful transformation that took place in Miami

PPS> Leave me your thoughts and comments below if you got anything from my message about how to accept the challenges you’re given and choosing to be more… Thanks! 🙂

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