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One Simple Tweak that can Double Your Income with the Same Effort

This is not some gimmick or joke.

It truly is possible – and easy in fact – to double or even quadruple your income and quality of life with the same amount of effort you would otherwise put in by implementing one simple tweak.

Before I get into HOW that’s possible and how you can make this tweak in your own life or business though, let me tell you a quick story that will help demonstrate how this works…

Schoff Global InvestmentsBack in 2006 I began forming Real Estate Syndication groups; essentially I leveraged multiple investors to purchase larger multi-family properties.

Now, prior to my beginning to form these investment syndications, I had never sold anything that cost more than around $500.  At the time I believed that the more expensive something was, the harder it would be to sell.

And I think that’s probably the thought process most people believe (probably because they’ve never really tried to sell something expensive).  So there I was in my early 20’s selling products and packages for $500 and working really hard to do so (and for teeny commissions, I might add…).

But then I got into real estate investing by first getting the education – going to the events, buying the courses, etc – and then by just getting started and taking action on what I had learned.  I could have started investing in rental homes to begin with – a typical 3 bed / 2 bath home for example, but after crunching the numbers and reviewing my education, I realized there was more money – both cashflow and capital gains – to be made in larger multi-family properties.  So my wife and I just decided to start there and see what would happen.

Lo and behold we were right:  The bigger properties produced more cash flow and resulted in larger profits.  So we bought our first Apartment complex in South Lake Tahoe, California.  That’s when we began bringing in other investors for additional properties so they too could share in the profits, which allowed us to buy even bigger properties which produced again greater cash flow and higher profits.

By thinking bigger, we were able to make more money essentially doing the same work and putting in the same effort.  The procedure was virtually the same, yet the outcome was completely different.

This is a personal example of how I was able to make a small tweak in my thinking, a small tweak in my belief and realize a bigger income without having to work harder, put in more effort or time.  It was a simple shift in my thinking.

If you were to take two realtors who both sold the same number of properties in a year, but in different priced markets, guess what: you’d probably find that the realtor selling $100k to $200k homes lives in a a $100k – $200k home, while the realtor who sells million dollar homes himself lives in a million dollar home.  That’s because for the same amount of effort but for thinking “bigger”, the million dollar home selling realtor makes multiple times more money.

Interesting concept, right?

Now you may be thinking, how does this help me – especially if you’re not involved in real estate…

And I’ll get to the specifics of how this can change your life as well in a minute, but first let me expand your mind a bit further…

Remember those investment syndications I talked about that I put together?

The first syndication deal I put together involved 10 other investors.  From that first syndication I put together, I went from finding it a challenge to make $500 sales to making $35,000 and $40,000 sales in a matter of a week, receiving personal checks from these investors totaling over $275,000 (and they all cleared of course).

Just me and a simple 15 to 30 minute phone call I made to each of them with an email followup (reiterating what they were buying into, for how much and where to send the check).  Pretty sweet, right?!  Believe me, you could do it too!

Now of course, there is skill involved which I again learned from a few courses that I spent maybe a few thousand dollars on at the time.  (Do you think those courses were “expensive”, considering the awesome result of my FIRST syndication deal ? 😉

But here’s the big takeaway – did it require 100 times more time, effort or “work” to be able to create over $275,000 in sales that week in my mid-20’s?

No.  In fact it was EASIER than making those $500 sales previously.  

The fact of the matter is – and contrary to popular opinion – it’s EASIER to make MORE money than it is to make LESS.  (But of course that also explains why most people are broke and only few are financially independent or wealthy…).

So here’s where we get to the real good part, the part where YOU can begin to double, triple, quadruple or even 10x your income by making a simple tweak in your thinking and in your beliefs.  Watch this great video hangout below that we just conducted which will help you THINK BIGGER and expand your vision and beliefs for what you believe is possible…

…so YOU TOO can multiply the amount of income you earn…

Powerful video, right?  Just hearing these stories and examples really brought me back to those early days when I first made the distinctions, and made that mental tweak.  I didn’t even realize it until having just watched the video above what it was that I had done that was so powerful and led to such a hugely different result.  THAT is exactly the power of big thinking.

So here’s the really good news.  As you heard in the video above, we are putting together a special High Ticket Academy course to teach the exact skills and knowledge you need to take your business and income to an entirely new level, to help you make that all important TWEAK that can and will dramatically change your life forever.

As you heard in the video, to the public this super incredible offer will be made available for the rediculoulsy low price of $997 (while others in the industry provide this type of coaching / training / consulting for as much as $40,000).

However, as a member of our network – of our Empower Network – you can get the High Ticket Academy course for a total steal at just $197 (at the time of this post) before the price goes up to $997 for everyone.  This is a limited time offer and the price will be going up shortly.

I myself am excited to get my hands on this course to take my income and business to an entirely new level, to further increase my belief and stretch my vision even larger as well.  I know what happened when I went from making $500 sales to $40,000 sales with the courses and information I previously paid thousands of dollars for and what a deal that was for the result I was able to receive and I know the quality of the education and value that the Empower Network puts out from the previous products and courses I have purchased and implemented for profits (I know my college education never returned that kind of money, especially considering THAT cost!).

To get this discounted price, you simply need to become at least a member of Empower Network which you can do NOW by clicking this link right now.

Now, while it’s only $25 to become a member and another $19.95 to become an affiliate, I also highly suggest considering the other Empower Network products which can further enhance your skills and knowledge when it comes to making money and marketing online, like the Inner Circle product, Costa Rica Intensive product or the $15k a month Formula product for over 20 hours of advanced top-of-the-line online marketing training.  Definitely Go ALL-IN and get everything if you can, but if nothing else, at least start with the $25 membership and get the $197 High Ticket Academy and be prepared to see your business and life in a whole new way.

Think BIG and stretch your vision for 2014!  

I appreciate you,

– Hans Schoff
Information Age Entrepreneur & Marketing Meister

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Hans SchoffHans Schoff

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