Eat The Rich – The Solution to Our Money Problems!?

eat the richNo doubt you’re aware of the huge fiscal problems we face today as a nation, namely the debt ceiling that needs to be rolled over by Aug 2 to avoid a US default.  It’s a pretty serious situation, yet more than likely our politicians will surely find some way to kick the can down the road while promising us at the 11th hour that they’ve come up with a plan that will save trillions of dollars (…over ten years or something, by which time the next group of elected politicians will likely come up with a new scheme and undo the previous legislation…).

But let’s take a look at one solution proposed out there that seems to be gaining popularity in certain parts of the country: to just Eat The Rich!

Eat The Rich!

Why not just let the Rich solve the problem?  They’ve got so much money, and assets and income, let them (er, make them) pay their fair share, let’s even it out so everyone’s equal, right?  Just raise taxes on all those greedy big corporations and those rich Americans and that will solve ALL our problems and we can get back to living our lives, keep all our entitlements that we are owed and were promised…right?

Watch the following clip to see exactly how that could be done and whether it would achieve the intended result… (I skipped the beginning of the video to try to keep politics out of it)

Food for thought…

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