Yet One More Example of the Need For Financial Education…

This video illustrates exactly why it is more crucial today than ever to increase your financial education.

No longer can anyone rely on the government or their employer to take care of them, especially when it comes to retirement.  The world has changed and you must take action to learn and adapt or suffer the consequences; unfortunately  there really is no longer any alternative…

Another Reason Why Financial Education is so Important, Especially Today…

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  • Nicolette@fundsmanager says:

    Nice article! Financial education is very must to learn all over people in the world. Then only people can adapt financial consequences easily.

  • This is so heart breaking to watch! I agree with you we really do need some more financial education and stop relying on the government to support us (they can’t really support themselves let alone us so why do we put our trust in them?).

  • So much has changed from what everyone assumed would work, to what didn’t to attempting to find things that now might work long term. There’s been a steep learning curve and it’s really punished those that bought into a belief that was assumed by most to be correct (but sadly wasn’t). It a good thing to see more and more discussion coming up about financial responsibility and financial education even while sad that it has to come under such painful times.

    • Hey Kim, the writing’s been on the walls for many years now but no one wants/wanted the good times to end. It takes a crisis sometimes to get people’s attention as we’re seeing, to get people to wake up and realize that times are indeed changing and that they need to take action and make some changes themselves.

      • Even as more and more people are affected, people still seem for the most part to have their heads in the sand. This is of course because its SCARY to look about and realize you may be screwed. It’s crazy hard to believe how much some people have lost and when that some person is you its hard to admit that everything you’ve worked so hard for is gone. Just like that. My heart goes out to so many yet at the same time they’ve got to get into action now because its not getting better.

  • Depressing … and the stock market reflected just how sad this morning with the latest dip. The President is about to inspire us with a new address to the nation … we’ll see.

    • LOL, talk is cheap! For a while there, every time the President or Bernanke simply opened their mouths on camera the market would drop. It’s amazing how many people will simply believe whatever they are told even when it makes no sense. Financial education – the key to understanding what’s really going on!

  • server support compaqny nyc says:

    Then we wouldn’t be in this financial mess we are in now! Most people would have never taken out mortgages they couldn’t afford and maxed out their credit cards! We need to teach our children how to SAVE money and not to measeure our worth by the amount of material we have!

    • It’s unfortunate however I think it’s systemic. This has been going on and people have been rewarded for it for decades – generations! Financial Education is the key, people need to understand finances, not necessarily accounting, but they need to understand basic things like assets and liabilities and income statements. That would solve a lot of the problem! But ignorance is no defense, people need to stop playing the victim role, take responsibility and take control today! Thanks for your comments.