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Creating Wealth Today – Wealth Secrets to Multiple Streams of Income

It’s amazing:  In just a few short years, we went from a period of incredible boom – creating wealth, abundance and prosperity – to today’s world of uncertainty, fear and scarcity…

How did this happen?  Why did things change so abruptly?  Is it possible to go back and re-experience those good times…or better yet, to live even better, even bigger, to be able to dream again; to live the lifestyle and experience the freedom you so deserve; the life that you were meant to enjoy…?

In a word, YES.

Yes, creating wealth is possible even today. It is possible to live that kind of life in the midst of all the chaos and uncertainty.  Let me share with you a little about how this may be possible for you in your life as well.

First of all, let’s acknowledge that times have changed and therefore YOU too must also change.

Today we live in the information age; unfortunately, many people continue to hang on to their old “industrial age” paradigm/mindset, still believing that today in 2012 as long as you “go to school, get good grades, get a good job, invest into mutual funds and a 401(k) you’ll be set for life as your employer and/or the government will take care of you” so you can live happily ever after.  Today – as many people are experiencing first hand – that is no longer the case:

creating wealth

The REAL Unemployment rate

  • Unemployment is at near historical levels (even worse when you add in the “discouraged workers” figures – those who’ve given up looking for work, bringing the number closer to 22%);
  • housing values have plummeted,
  • the stock market continues to be erratic and unpredictable,
  • the social security ponzi scheme is all but over,
  • inflation is on the rise, and along with it higher energy, food and fuel prices
  • credit is nearly unobtainable for the average person…

I could go on and on, but it’s clear that many people today feel completely helpless – out of control with the ever increasing number of problems and worries that seem to appear with no end in sight.

They know deep down – they feel something must change and they’re right.  And in fact, there is only ONE thing that YOU can change – maybe not the government, maybe not the value of your 401k, maybe not the value of your house or the value of your equities/stock portfolio (if you’re still gambling with that)… but the one thing you can change, is YOU!

That’s right, YOU!

YOU need to get BACK in control, back in charge, back to creating wealth, back into prosperity and abundance.  Easier said than done you’re thinking, right?

If that’s your belief, then yes, you’re right.

But if you’re open to CHANGE, it can be true for you just as it is for thousands and thousands of others today who have changed THEMSELVES – their mindsets –  and are now today creating wealth, living THEIR American Dream on their terms after having chosen to change their reality:

  • achieving their financial goals,
  • accumulating assets & creating wealth,
  • living in their dream home,
  • driving their dream cars,
  • giving more to their church or charity then they ever thought possible,
  • spending time with the people they choose to each day rather than succumbing to the depression THEY (the media, economists, the government – pick your poison) would have you believe you should be experiencing right now.

creating wealthFor reasons just mentioned (and many others), today it is imperative that you begin taking control of how you earn your income.   There is no longer any guarantee of job security, income security, retirement, a pension, social security, none of it – just look around.  Your company, state government, federal government, all governments have more mounting problems on their hands than ever before – and we are only now at the tip of the iceberg with more crises on the horizon that most still do not even see coming!

Creating wealth is up to you!

You now need to take responsibility for your own future, for your own retirement, for your own security, for your family, for your own peace of mind.

Do you want to risk putting your fate and the fate of your family in the hands of those who didn’t see these current crises coming or worse created them?

Is it a smart move anymore to risk and gamble on your future, your hopes, your dreams, your family, your health, your retirement by just hoping that things will somehow, magically improve and go back to the way they were, that you can just continue doing what you’ve always done?

As we all know, continuing to do the same thing over and over again yet expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

Perhaps a different approach would be prudent.

Perhaps taking responsibility and holding yourself accountable for your life, your finances, your future…

Perhaps putting your fate in your own hands, by taking action now, creating wealth to get in control – THAT is something you can control.

So what do you do?

Start by simply making the decision to move forward toward creating multiple streams of income for creating wealth and to secure your future.  Then you need to be prepared to learn some new simple skills and marketing techniques and be ready to harness the incredible power of the internet so you can leverage it to maximize your efforts and increase your results.  Regardless of how familiar or proficient you are with it, there’s no denying that the internet is an important tool and resource for creating wealth, giving you virtually unlimited access to the entire world.

  • Why not put the power of the internet to work for you with a few simple marketing strategies for creating wealth?
  • What if you could leverage the internet in such a way that you could actually create multiple streams of income to flow into your bank account or your mailbox all month long, month after month?

Sound like fantasy? It’s not.  Wake up! This is 2012!

Today, more business is conducted online and more money is made online than ever before – and with the ability to communicate with people in an instant, as well as the ability to speak face to face to people all across the country right from your computer screen: creating wealth has never been easier.

But let me be clear.

Creating wealth via multiple streams of income takes work.  Some of the components involved are easy to do, but it takes commitment and sacrifice to be able to be disciplined and consistent.  This is absolutely required for success.

But if you could make an extra $500/month without interfering with your current line of work or occupation – would it be worth it? I’m talking about an extra $500/month, every month on top of the income you’re already making.

How about $1,500/month?


What about an extra $150,000/month?

Creating wealth with your own business, working from home, your income potential is unlimited – the sky is the limit – no income ceiling here.  You decide how much you want to make, how much you’re worth based on the results you create, all the while working from the convenience of your home, around your schedule, plugging into the system and trainings utilizing your computer and a phone for creating wealth.

Have I got your attention?  Now let’s delve into the details.

In order to create home based income, you must be able to offer something of value in exchange for money.  Today, with a home based income, you are able to partner with an established, credible company, able to simply plug into their pre-existing compensation structure and be able to immediately start generating an income and creating wealth as all the systems and resources you need to create income are already in place (there’s little to no lag time in getting setup and running – compare that to starting a traditional business!).  So with all the structure and support from the parent company, all YOU need to focus on is marketing which is how you create income.

Simple enough, right?

But there’s another powerful benefit to creating wealth using the home based income model.  Not only can you leverage tools like the internet to derive whatever level of income you care to create, but the home based income model also allows you to leverage your efforts and income through building teams to create an even larger income.  Just as a real estate or insurance broker develops teams of agents to leverage their resources and efforts, a home based income model also allows its business partners to develop teams to multiply their income based on the production of the team.  This is what creates walk-away passive or residual incomethe least taxed form of income there is by the way – which comes in on a regular recurring basis, from the work you did previously.  That’s creating wealth!

A great example of this is rental real estate. Although it requires a substantial amount of capital up front and requires lots of experience and expertise, a large apartment complex for example, with the right management team in place, could produce tens of thousands of dollars in passive or residual income to the owner even though the owner may have purchased the property years ago and done nothing to it since then.  That is the true power of passive or residual income!

Creating Wealth Partner

Now before you can create that walk-away residual income, you need to partner with not only a reputable company that’s been around and knows what they’re doing, marketing something that the MARKET wants (not necessarily what YOU want) but you also want to join a team with strong leadership that is leading by example and making substantial income, but that will also be there to support you along the way.  Yes, you will be in business for yourself, but no man is an island, and if you want to ensure you make as much money as possible, you want to make sure you have team members with a vested interest available and willing to help you as you grow and prosper, especially when you encounter unfamiliar waters.

Let’s talk about Marketing – that’s what it’s all about.  So do you go out looking to market something you LOVE?  No, contrary to what you may think, that is NOT what you do if you want to make the big money.  Just because YOU love it, doesn’t mean the market wants it.

To achieve real, substantial and lasting home based income:

  1. you want to get in front of trends,
  2. you want to market something that the market wants,
  3. you want something that makes sense,
  4. you want something that has some X-factor that makes it stand out from the crowd in this industry.
  5. You don’t want to get involved in “Me-too” marketing and just market what everyone else is doing; that’s a sure way to fail.

Also, watch out for gimmicks or companies based on short-term trends that may turn in a few years if the market changes (like speculative coins, etc); otherwise you may have to start all over again in a few years with another company marketing something else, which basically defeats the whole residual income model.

Take the 1st step in creating wealth via multiple streams of income today by clicking the following link now: Wealth Secrets

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