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Is It Too Late For YOU For Creating Wealth?

The Dream of Having and Creating Wealth

creating wealthWhen I was much younger, I had lots of dreams and desires of creating wealth, of things I wanted to do, places I wanted to go, toys and houses and cars I’d like to own.  Whenever I’d pass by a nice looking BMW for instance, a large decadent mansion, or see a photo of an exotic beach somewhere, I would begin envisioning what it would be like someday when that was part of MY reality…

Growing up, I had no idea what career I would have or how I would make enough money in order to have those fun and exciting things in my life, but nor did it matter.

All that mattered was the vision of creating wealth. I wasn’t focusing on any particular profession or job – the way of life, the freedom, the excitement, the lifestyle, creating wealth – that’s what I was after!

All I knew was that if other people could have these things – people from the same country, people with the same access to opportunities and information available to them as is available to me, people with two arms and two legs and one head – if these people were able to live this way then surely I too could someday do the same, right?

Have you ever felt that way?

Have you ever wanted more out of life than you currently had?  Have you seen what others have been able to do and thought, “You know, I can achieve that level of success… I deserve to have more fun, more excitement, more money, more freedom in my life, more…”

Is that greed?

No.  That’s ambition, desire.  That’s a good thing!  It’s what makes the world go round.  If no one wanted anything, there would be no trade, no industry, no technology, no development and we’d all still be roaming the earth scrounging around for food to eat just so we could keep alive (assuming people would at least want to live!). Who wants to live in a world like that?  Isn’t there enough negativity in the world already as it is?

…But dreamers can be just as detrimental for society if all they’re doing all day is dreaming and not taking action toward their dreams.  But those dreamers who do take action toward their dreams and follow their desires in pursuit of something better, those are people we call courageous and inspirational – they are our leaders and our heroes

Welcome to 2012 – Creating Wealth in the Information Age

But the world today is much different than it was just years ago.  In the industrial age, all one needed to do was go to school, get good grades to get into a good college so you could get a good high-paying job and then you retire after 40 years and live out the rest of your life in luxury without having to work another day of your life.  That was living the dream, if you could just get to retirement age, you would finally make it!

Unfortunately today we live in the information age, with high unemployment, an ever increasing cost of living (food, gasoline, energy, insurance, taxes, etc), a falling dollar, a bankrupt social security system with declining retirement and health benefits…  Most people are finding out that their good grades and education just isn’t enough anymore to ensure all their needs will be met during their working years, not to mention their desired retirement years!

Even those lucky enough to hold on to a job through to retirement age are no longer able to rely on the government or their employer to take care of them into their golden years, even though money was taken out of their paycheck during their working years to supposedly ensure they would be able to retire and live comfortably!  You’ve seen peoples’ 401(k)’s completely wiped out in the recent stock market crash which proves in this era the stock market doesn’t always go up (and nor do housing prices for that matter, either!).

I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

The real question is, what is the solution for creating wealth?

Wherever you may be in this process – whether you have a high-paying job, a temporary position or if you’re looking to retire but don’t know how you can – today you must first take responsibility for your situation and realize that YOU must be in control of your finances because no one else cares about you and your family’s financial needs other than YOU.

Unfortunately today, that is a sad but sobering fact!  You know what your future will look like if you continue to rely on your employer or the government to take care of your needs, especially in retirement – just look around or turn on the news!

In this changing world, in the information age, you must take steps to be able to wean yourself off the government’s or your employer’s teet so-to-speak.  You must realize that the only solution to being able to not only survive in this climate but also to thrive is by YOU creating wealth and being in control of your income – NOT your employer, and NOT the government…

——–> To learn more about creating wealth and what you can do to get in control of your income today so you can have the free time, the extra money and the freedom to live life on your terms, follow this link now: Choose Financial Freedom

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  • Lorie says:

    Great your site. My main focus now is on creating wealth with this information age and I’m having great success. Thanks for being a resource.

  • This is so true. We need to be in control of our finances and our dreams. If we don’t we are at the mercy of what other people have planned and that’s not usually good for us and our family.

  • Important message Hans – and with a New Year quickly approaching a subject many people are thinking about. The question is who will or won’t make the choices that will create whatever it is that they truly want in life. Sadly, I think many people haven’t even taken the time to become clear about what they want, let alone decided how to go about getting it.

  • Sadie-Michaela Harris says:

    It seems to be an unfortunate state of affairs in that the world as much as I have seen educates it’s children who are fomally educated in a school to work hard and get a job, They do no teach children to create for themselves and other what a pity that is! Excellent thought provoking post Hans. Have a great week and happy holidays to you 🙂

  • Sharon Johnson says:

    Good Day Hans
    You are so true about retirement today, My husband is 63 and there is no way he will be able to retire, he says he’ll be working till he dies isn’t that so terrible. Your post was a great eye opener
    Thank You
    Happy You Have a Very Merry Christmas

    • Sharon, glad I could help. Don’t give up, just focus on increasing your financial education, learning about the process of creating wealth and begin taking steps forward to create wealth to change your future. You and your husband can do it!

  • You are so right about no one really caring about you or your family’s financial issues- I relate that to almost everything in my life when I’m dealing with other people. I don’t say it to be selfish, just to be aware that I can’t sit around and wait for people to help me out, one has to be proactive and take care of themselves- which I think is possible without stepping on other people or sacrificing your own morals.

  • Hans,
    I didn’t look at high level success when I was younger. What I wanted was a good paying job with the least number of hours for the highest pay. And I did get that – at first. I became a college professor. For the first 1-2 years, I worked only Monday – Wednesday and took tennis lessons on Thursdays and guitar lessons on Fridays. But gradually, I was required to coach the tennis team, to teach at night and in the winter and in the summer, to attend faculty meetings, to join faculty committees, and to do some research in order to be promoted. Add to all that, commuting from NYC to Connecticut and seeing my private counseling clients in the evenings before taking the commuter train. I was working day and night, still had Thursdays and Fridays off most of the time (was writing my book and taking Pilates and Yoga classes), but I was completely exhausted and on my way to getting sick.

    Now, with my retirement income, I have the freedome to see a few private clients and to build my global mentoring program. Now I have nobody I need to answer to except myself, my clients and my potential customers.


  • Stevie Smith says:

    Hello Hans

    A really sobering article about circumstances that affect us all. Sobering and yet full of promises because as you point out, we can (and must) regain control in order to advance and become independent. Becoming “self employed” is not an easy option in that it requires untold amount of dedication, hard work and a thick skin to whether the inevitable incoming storms, but at the end of the day, the future is what we make of it, and not dependent on the whims of a boss or corporate board.

    Keep the Smiles,


  • Nicholas Scott@Media Release Writing says:

    This is a great point of view that people have not too late to began for their professional life .You make an excellent point about taking action to create the future that you desire. It’s all fine and well to have the vision and dream about what the future may bring . Anyways great post . thnx for sharing your information .

  • If our current income is not enough to gain the wealth, we should create another, another, and another income source. That’s the solution in my opinion.

  • Rick Lelchuk says:

    Very empowering post. It is completely up to us what happens, the world we create. Action is the key. Not knowing and moving forward anyway wins the day. Opportunities abound in spite of the economic woes we face. Having just spent a fabulous weekend with 180 intuitive entrepreneurs at Pamela Bruner’s TRANSFORM, I can assure you that wealth creation is alive, well and healthy. RICK

    • Thanks for the feedback and comments Rick. Wealth creation is indeed alive today for those who choose to take action in spite of their fear, frustration, overwhelm or other reasons or excuses; choose wealth and start taking action today!

  • Linnea says:

    Hi Hans,

    I’m with Glyna. You make an excellent point about taking action to create the future that you desire. It’s all fine and well to have the vision and dream about what the future may bring but that’s all wasted if it simply remains in your head. Sadly, those same folks will likely have regrets in the end for not having tried.

  • Dr. Bob Clarke says:

    Hi Hans,

    You make some great points in this post about creating wealth and what you need to do in today’s age to achieve it. I was drawn to your title, the aspect of “is it too late”.

    I am a proud member of the Boomer generation and, at age 52 I decided to start my own online business and make things happen for myself. Don’t get me wrong — by other people’s standards I had done very well, working health care professional with great salary and benefits. But I wasn’t realizing the wealth or lifestyle I covet.

    We all know that the cost of living is extraordinarily high in most places in the world. And the fact that we are sending 4 kids through college at around the same time has kept me up at night. But I knew there was a way that I could a) bring in additional income — multiple streams and b) prepare my exit strategy so I could start enjoying freedom in my life before I got too old!.

    I won’t tell you it’s been easy or quick. Neither is true. But I am creating a wealth strategy for myself. And its working, slowly but surely.

    Great post, Hans. I will definitely be back for more!

    • Dr Bob, great story – 4 kids through college at the same time, wow. I appreciate you sharing, very empowering for all to hear that no matter who you are or what your background, everyone needs to implement a strategy for creating wealth. You never really know how well someone is or isn’t doing, and everyone has different standards for what success or retirement means to them. Thanks for stopping by to share!

  • Seems like another year with failed New Year’s Resolutions. Thanks for the article. It’s really inspiring and motivating to read because it’s almost an article about personal development. Thanks!

    • Hey Diane, take heart! It’s never too late to begin creating wealth (that was just a headline to get your attention!). Right now is a great time. Download my Dummy’s Guide to Creating Wealth to learn how. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Great post. You make it sound so easy but you’re right. I think most of us sit around waiting for “the next big thing” to happen, but it’s being proactive that will get us to where we want to be.

    • Hey Renee, every big achievement started with the first step! It’s incredible what a little discipline and consistency can produce even in a short amount of time, but especially over the long term. The work is the easy part; for most people it’s developing the right mindset in order to believe it’s possible that is the hard part. Thanks for your comments!

  • Great post, Hans! Considering the fact that Colonel Sanders didn’t make his fortune in Kentucky Fried Chicken until long past traditional retirement age, I think this is proof it can happen for everyone. While not as drastic, Rodney Dangerfield gave up comedy for years to run an aluminum siding business, and he became a legend when he returned. As Les Brown says, “It’s not over until you win.” You don’t fail until you stop trying.

  • Beverly Monical says:

    I like this kind of thinking.Dreams are great but without action they are just dreams. I do believe if you desire something and do your due diligence, it is possible to attain it. Nothing is free in life.
    We have to take control of our finances.Credit is ruining so many families lives.Thanks for a great post.

  • Charlotte says:

    I think you’re absolutely right about people needing to take control of their finances. Far too many people spend what they can’t aford, don’t save for a rainy day and then blame others. You really need to look after your own finances first and foremost, spend within your limits, think of tomorrow and stop trying to keep up with the Jones.

    • Yes, Charlotte, I completely agree with you – this entitlement stuff has got to stop. And it cannot go on for too much longer. Those who don’t take control and take charge I’m afraid will eventually lose, and this time around they may lose big. Time for responsibility and accountability! Thanks for your comment!

  • Greg Ingerson@Manhattan Beach homes says:

    Hey Hans,
    I think its never too late to make wealth because late is better than never. However, it also depends on how much wealth one wants to possess. Its true that while most start early in life to achieve wealth and success some are late bloomers but are more successful than the early birds. Yet still, I feel its better to work early in life so that one may enjoy financial freedom and spend the retirement days enjoying life and cruising around the world.

    • Greg, I agree with you… catchy headline though, right? Lol. In all seriousness, it is true one can start on a journey of creating wealth at any time. But here’s a great question: When would NOW be a good time? Why wait? Who knows what tomorrow will bring? What we do know is what we have here today and the many opportunities for creating wealth that exist here today. It all starts with the first step. Thanks for your comments Greg!

  • Barbara Harnsbeger says:

    Hello Hans,
    Thank you for this post. I like the thought… you must first take responsibility for your situation and realize that YOU must be in control of your finances because no one else cares about you and your family’s financial needs other than YOU.
    How true is that. You do have to work in this industry to make this all happen.
    I like this quote..”You’ve come to far to give up – press in and go for the gold. Anyone can give up but your not just anyone”….
    We all can make this business work for us. We all have to work at it.


  • Hans, great article! I do have the same belief! We are humans, of course we want more and more =) We, humans, are gifted with own ability to make judgments and decisions and act on them!! And of course, it’s never too late to do anything.

    We have our own personal goals and everything but do we act on it?
    I always believe that successful people are the ones that DO (not only THINK). ACT on what you think will make you successful. And, do not be afraid!

    • Andrew, that is what makes us different from every other creature here on earth. We have the ability to discern, to think, to choose. Every other creature simply reacts to situations. Is reacting easier, yes – and that’s why most people would prefer to simply react to a situation and do the bare minimum to get by – it’s easier. But with a little thinking, by developing a better plan, by choosing to take simple steps forward toward what we want out of life, we can have a totally different outcome. Thanks for your comment!

  • Joyce Penner says:

    Hans, you have produced another absolutely excellent post. I enjoyed reading every word of it and completely agree with you. We are responsible for our own lives. Nobody else cares.
    Awesome post !

    • Sad but true. The good news is it’s never been easier to take control of one’s finances and financial situation than it is today, thanks to the internet and all the great technology we have in the world like smartphones. Thanks for the comment Joyce!

  • Hi Hans,

    I think we all dream of those things and the only ones who achieve it are the ones who actually make a way to reach those dreams. There are also people who think that they are not capable of turning those dreams into goals and eventually achieve them. Well, I quite agree, only US can make our dreams happen.

  • Lynda says:


    I say this to my hubby a lot regarding his co-workers. To look after himself as everyone else is out for themselves and it’s the truth. You have to grab the “bull” by the horns so to speak and look after yourself. Good reference to just having to go to school back the day. It used to be you needed a high school education to succeed, now it’s college/university.

    • Lynda, there are many people out there to “get us” so to speak, lots of scammers and so on. This is why financial education is so important today – more important than college or university I feel. It’s the things that are NOT being taught today that is costing people the most money. I do believe in working with others, as a team. But you must make sure it’s the right team. The biggest problem for many people today is they can’t tell the difference and simply hand their money over to someone else to manage for them, and have no clue and no control over what happens. That is scary! Today people need to educate themselves financially so they can not only create wealth but also preserve it and grow it even larger. Thanks for your comment Lynda!

  • Dereck says:


    Awesome post my brother!

    I wanted to talk just a second about a few things you mentioned.

    1.) The “Old School” style of going to school, getting good grades and all that nonsense… it makes me mad that everyone with a paper certificate are (for the most part) competing for crap jobs in the same jobless market. Enough said about that!

    If you don’t want to be slaughtered with the rest of the herd… then don’t follow in their footsteps!

    2.) About the lost 401Ks and what not… People don’t seem to understand that is that the new age of things and where we will be going as a global society is… you must bring value, demonstrate a reason and purpose for people to listen and or to follow you.

    Gone are the days where you provide nothing to society and expect everything in return.

    Anyhow, thanks for the posting and allowing me to vent… I’d better stop now before I get myself into trouble! 😀


  • I completely agree with you that you must take hold of your future and take responsibility for your own life. Otherwise, you will never be able to succeed.

    • Andy, it’s very true. In school we are not taught how to succeed. We are taught how to be good employees, good citizens, good followers. We are not taught how to lead, let alone to take responsibility for our financial future. That’s what your employer or the government is for, right? Not anymore. And the sooner people realize that and take ACTION to GET IN CONTROL the sooner they’ll be able to live happily ever after. Thanks for the comment!

  • Shivam, it is indeed important that people plan into their retirement. Unfortunately today though with the monetary policy the way it is and the huge amount of debt outstanding among other factors, saving “Dollars” or any other fiat-currency (paper money not backed by anything tangible) is likely to only exasperate the problem. With true inflation rates around 6-7% already and savings accounts drawing 1% interest or less on deposits, you would be losing 5-6% of your money instead of actually getting ahead. A better idea would be to perhaps save REAL money, something tangible with an intrinsic value, like gold or silver for example. Over time, these assets have maintained their purchasing power and are a good hedge during these uncertain times. So I agree you want to have a good 3-6 months of expenses set aside at least, but hold your savings in something real that will retain its value. Thanks for your comments Shivam!

  • Shivam Garg says:

    Hi Hans,
    You are right that one should be in control of his finances.It happens a lot that people have fantastic lives till their retirement ages but after that when the income stops they don’t have any clue to what to do.One should always start saving as soon as possible.

  • Excellent points! People have work by themselves to build their own life. We should not depend on the others. Financial control is one of the things that I would learn. This is Information Age. Stand up! Thanks for the article, Hans.

  • We have the power to create our own wealth, we have to take the first step and then keep going. Sitting around waiting for something to happen to us will never work. Look at big names like Donald Trump, etc. He has put countless hours, years and money into developing his wealth and empire. We have to focus on the mindset of a business owner and take control of our wealth. With all that is available now these days to get our word out and promote our businesses especially from the comfort of our own homes….We can do it…It can be done!!!

  • Jaclyn Castro says:

    Hi Hans,
    What a great post this is Hans! It’s simple but authentic at the same time.

    It is all to common to see so many people remain at the dreamer phase/level/status (whatever you wanna call it) for a long, long time.

    The sad part about it is when these same dreamers continue to talk, talk, talk about how bad they want this and that, blah, blah, blah….

    Instead of doing what needs to be done to get closer to their dreams and desires, they choose to sit in front of the television, spend money on those shiny bright objects, and mindlessly spend on junk food, etc instead of learning ways to d e s i g n their life.

    It’s really NOT that complicated as they make it out to be.

    I can tell that you are financially intelligent (am making my path in that direction myself – slowly but surely). That is absolutely one of the prime routes to lead us all to success.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this article for us Hans.

    Looking forward to reading another one of your financially intelligent articles!

    -Jaclyn Castro

    • Jacyln, people don’t realize that whether they are choosing to watch tv or escape from life some other way, they are still taking action, it’s just action that won’t get them anywhere, action that takes them further away from their dreams and desires.

      I feel strongly about the importance of financial education. If the goal is to become financially free, then its important as you say for people to learn and educate themselves about finances. Making a whole bunch of money on it’s own isn’t going to do it. For people with a low financial I.Q., money will flow out even faster than it can flow in. So why not work smarter by keeping and multiplying the money that comes in? Then you don’t have to work as hard and can spend your time enjoying it instead. But it all starts with taking action towards your goals. Know what you want and then go after it, one step at a time. Learn while you earn and watch your results multiply. Great comments Jaclyn, thanks!

  • Allegra Sinclair says:

    Hi Hans,
    You are encouraging people to make a major mind shift so prepare for the flood! I agree that our world has changed and the financial ‘security’ we used to rely on is gone. And I love it that the information age is ushering us into a time when we don’t have to accept whatever the world is offering, but can go out and create something new. This blog post is chock full of hope for those who may be feeling like victims right now. Knowing that there are things I can do to impact my financial future relieves a lot of stress and makes me more positive about the future. Take care, Allegra

    • Allegra, I love your attitude! Change brings opportunity! So many more things are possible today because of the information age. Just think how many more sources are available to get news nowadays. Used to be there was only the newspaper and a few “network” tv channels – the gatekeepers – who used to control and filter for us what they deemed was news. Now we get to choose and really learn the truth about what’s happening in the world, able to view all different angles of stories.

      Like Tony Robbins says, “Your past does not equal your future.” You can decide today to make a change so you can have a better future than your past. It all starts with the first step. Great empowering comments Allegra, thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  • David Paul says:

    You nailed it, here, Hans,

    “In this changing world, in the information age, you must take steps to be able to wean yourself off the government’s or your employer’s teet so-to-speak. You must realize that the only solution to being able to not only survive in this climate but also to thrive is by YOU being in control of your income – NOT your employer, and NOT the government…”

    The process of Owning Your Life is not an easy one, but in the long run it is the Only One. I myself will either completely own my life or die trying.


    David H.Paul
    the Follow Your Bliss guy

  • Alex Pino says:

    Powerful points on this post bro. Much of it very true… I no longer see jobs as even the most secure way to live (even though those who hold them seek security) because at any time they can be let go for whatever reason. The cool thing about the information age is that there are literally no boundaries to pass to start publishing your own content. If you love Maltese dogs with a passion, go and do something about it!!! Make videos, articles, a blog, etc and you’d be surprised that you can make more doing that than over at PetSmart for $9/hour. If you have the patience, of course. Most are not willing to invest in themselves without getting paid every 2 weeks. Keep up the good work bro. – Alex

    • Alex, isn’t it crazy that this mentality of safe, secure jobs is still being perpetuated in society, even in the classroom? Financial Education or skills are still not being taught. The evidence is all around us, from high unemployment rates and discouraged workers and people all over needing to make more money…

      You’re right about the internet – it is the great equalizer. You don’t need a car, a fancy suit, to spend money at an expensive restaurant to impress potential clients or business partners – you literally can do just about everything from the comfort of a home office these days, using just your computer and an internet connection. Yes it does take work, commitment and consistency but it is well worth it, and can pay you residually after the fact for work you did months or years ago – that is the power of utilizing the internet in the information age! Alex, you got me fired up! Thanks for the comment!

      – Hans

  • Glyna Humm says:

    Hans – This is a fantastic point! It seems like I see so many people today who sit around and think the world owes them something instead of them getting out and taking responsibility for their own situation. Each person is responsible for their own destiny and you aren’t going to get there sitting on the couch waiting for someone to come and do things for you! I love this post! Thanks for sharing!

    • Glyna, very true! We have been conditioned with this entitlement mentality for years now and it’s what made the housing boom and now foreclosures so bad, among other things.

      People need to be empowered to realize they have everything within them that is necessary to achieve great things for themselves and their families…

      But it will NOT just be handed to them – even in this great country we live in! Success takes work. The only place Success comes before work is in the dictionary! Thanks for your comments Glyna!

      – Hans

  • Sean says:

    Hi Hans,

    I’m the Finance editor at Before It’s News. Our site is a People Powered news platform with over 2,500,000 visits a month and growing fast.

    We would be honored if we could republish the rss feed in our Financial Markets category. Our readers need to read what experts like you have to say.

    Syndicating to Before It’s News is a terrific way to spread the word and grow your audience. If you are interested in syndicating with us, please contact me at

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    Thank you