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Wealth Secrets – How to Solve That J.O.B. Problem

There are some wealth secrets that are not really secrets, more like unspoken truths.

One such unspoken truth, one of these wealth secrets, is that a job is simply a means to an end.  I know we’ve all been taught that if we just go to school, get good grades and work really hard that we’ll get a high paying job and live happily ever after…

But can I be real with you here for a minute?

You may not like what I’m going to say, but keep an open mind and be willing to acknowledge the truth even if it’s not what you want to hear, even if it makes you uncomfortable or shakes your beliefs. There’s a reason why you’re reading this post…

You know what J.O.B. really stands for, right?  Just Over Broke.

wealth secretsA job will not make you wealthy (it might make your boss wealthy though).  A job will never make you financially free.

Now don’t get me wrong, for some or even most people, a job is what they need.  Some people can’t, don’t want to or just won’t take the initiative to take control of their life by taking control of their finances by taking control of how they earn their money… and that’s ok.

Maybe for them “just over broke” is just who they are and they’re content enough with that, they’ve accepted that (or they’re just not uncomfortable enough or motivated enough to change).  Honestly, each person has different wants, needs and desires.

Some people prefer having the certainty of knowing where to go each day, what they’ll be doing for those 8-10 hours or whatever and knowing what to expect each month.  That’s what’s most important to them.  They don’t care to learn about any wealth secrets.

What most people don’t realize at first however, is that they’ll get so used to that regular paycheck that if anything were to change there would be major disruptions to that certainty and way of life, especially the longer they’re addicted to that regular paycheck (they may probably even recognize that or know it intellectually, but they are certainly not prepared for that reality).

They become trapped, frozen in fear, afraid that if they attempt to do something different, something more, that they could jeopardize their current way of life and don’t want to lose their certainty.  More often than not they feel like their only long-term option is to  just hope or pray that things will work throughout and at the end of those 40 years…

Know anyone with that plan? 

The J.O.B. problem is that although most in that situation are seeking security, it’s become clear that there is no financial security in a job, in fact there is no job security.  Basically, if you’re relying on the government or an employer to take care of you in exchange for your slaving away for them for 8 hours a day (or more), 5 days a week (or more) for 50 weeks a year (or more), you are taking a huge gamble.

Sure, it probably won’t happen to you, you’re probably the exception to the rule, the one person who does somehow make it through the cracks, the one who does get to have that comfy retirement, who does have stock options that still have value, the one who does get to keep those nice health benefits and can stop working after 40 years and live happily ever after.

But for everyone else not living that fairy tale, it’s time to be honest, call a spade a spade and take the steps necessary to protect yourself and position yourself so that you CAN live happily ever after (it’s just not going to be because of your employer or the government); if it’s to be, it’s up to you!

So what then are the wealth secrets to solving the J.O.B. problem?

Well don’t do something drastic like I did starting out.  I observed and learned early on that a JOB was not the solution I was looking for.  Understanding that, I just decided that I was just never going to have a job then at all!  Talk about difficult, I can tell you that is not the approach I suggest either.  Doing so places unnecessary pressure on an already difficult situation.  Suffice to say having some money while working towards your dreams and goals is better than having no money, a concept I learned the hard way.

So instead, hold on to your job in the interim so you have some means to pay the bills.  Then use the time when you’re not at your job to work on the solution, working towards becoming financially independent so that you finally can live life on your terms, as you see fit, doing what you want to do, when you want to do it without having to ask for permission or ask for time off.

Begin today by making a habit of increasing your financial education every day with 15 or 30 minutes of a good instructional book or audio that can help take you towards your goals.

But don’t just study and learn the wealth secrets about creating wealth, begin to start implementing them.  Begin with the goal of adding one new stream of home based income.  That could be blogging for money, starting a residual income business, property investing for cash flow… Just begin moving forward today by focusing on one new stream of income.

Then, once your part-time home based income stream begins to exceed your job income, now you can quit your job knowing you’re able to pay all your bills and with the knowledge and experience to pour even more time into your chosen venture to produce even greater results to get you to that elusive goal of creating wealth and achieving financial freedom so you can then pass on your wealth secrets.

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